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Posted by Norton Support on June 17th, 2016

  1.     Norton 360 Tips: How to Choose a Secure Password?

In last few years, we have seen a number of news stories on cybercriminals who are affecting millions of people in several ways. Some of the popular websites, which were claimed to be secure against any threats from hackers, have also witnessed a surprising unauthorized access from unknown user profiles. Visit Norton page for technical support and help from certified technicians.

What if you were one of those people who suffered the problem? Have you ever imagined if your crucial financial files are suddenly exposed to cybercriminals? It really sounds horrible when it comes to the security threat. If you look into the issue, it comes out with an important outcome that most of the users do hardly pay attention while creating username and password.

Chances are the users create their credentials using same email address and password for several accounts. Some of the users are found to use same password for across the web, along with weak and easy-to-crack password.

Norton does include a feature that can keep your credentials safe against any unauthorized access. But sometimes, it fails to overcome the challenge. In such conditions, you can dial technical support phone number for Norton 360 help services. Read more at https://www.smore.com/app/pages/preview/wmypx

  1.     How Norton Secures Your Wireless Home Network?

A home network is a collection of devices and computer systems which are connected through a single network within a residential establishment. We all have separate devices and laptops but we use a single network connection for using internet. If you are also using several devices on a single network, you must be aware of impending threats that can damage your data and other information saved on your laptop or devices. For Norton security call technical support phone number for Norton technicians to get help set up Wireless home network and secure.

With increasing internet security threats across the globe, it is now necessary to adopt a network that can protect our computer systems and mobile phones from any potential cyber attacks. Norton Internet security emerges as the most effective tool to ensure the utmost safety and security to a home network.

It comes bundled with some specific features that function well to ensure safety to the devices. You can have the following benefits if your home network is protected by Norton Internet Security:

  •         Comprehensive protection to your personal computers, Macs, Windows, Androids and other hand-held gadgets with a single subscription.
  •         Protection to your identity and the financial transactions conducted through online.
  •         Warning notifications in case of any threatening or suspicious downloads.
  •         Assuring an increased efficiency of your personal computers.

Read more at https://www.diigo.com/outliner/awfzzl/800-961-1963-How-Norton-Secures-Your-Wireless-Home-Network-?key=0jf6uaulc3

  1.     Protect Your Computer With Norton Protection Center

If, on the one hand, wireless home network allows you to connect your consoles and personal computer wirelessly, it is easily exposed to hackers on the other hand. Without any trouble and precautions, your devices connected to a wireless home network can easily be accessed by a hacker at any point in time.

Consequently, our important data files and personal identity are always at stake if we don’t take note of an effective internet security mechanism. Norton Internet security software comes with advanced features and technology, which are particularly designed to diagnose and kill online threats with maximum resolution rate.

As the modern-day cybercriminals have become more sophisticated with contemporary malicious programs, it is the need of hour that we should adopt an internet security program that can help us avoid all types of internet threats easily in a shorter span of time. technical team for Norton tech support suggests using updated security software that can kill all types of malware programs instantly. Read more at http://nortonhelp.support/norton-protection-center-secure-your-network/

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