Why One Must Opt for Alarm Systems in McAllen and Kingsville, Texas

Posted by dynamark on November 14th, 2022

Home security is a serious concern for homeowners. According to a study, 70 percent of burglars entered through open or unlocked doors or windows. Home security systems can offer several ways to prevent burglaries.

Choosing the right home security system to reduce the risks of break-ins is essential for the safety of the family and the protection of their valuables. Homeowners can be relieved knowing they have control over the different mechanisms installed at home. High-tech security solutions can be programmed remotely. Opting for home security systems in McAllen and Aransas, Texas, to minimize the risks of home invasions is therefore a good investment.

The Honeywell Total Connect Z-wave System: The Honeywell Total Connect Z-wave System is a modern wireless alarm system that improves conventional wired security systems. With the help of the system, people who are away from their homes can now monitor the alarm conditions of their homes. It works on a mechanism allowing the homeowner to arm and disarms the system from a remote location using their cell phones.

The system can offer GPS tracking for young and senior drivers. It is not difficult to find out that despite being an electronic security system, the Honeywell Total Connect Z-wave System has several components similar to those of a conventional security system. For example, it features an alarm, a keypad, and control panels.

Honeywell's Asset Protection Sensor: Another important product is the Honeywell Asset Protection Sensor, which has a motion detector in the top part and status lights below. This system also has a control panel that can be found at the base of the system and has built-in speakers. It comes with a 4-digit code pad that gives homeowners access to the control panel.

Used in conjunction with the Total Connect system, the Asset Protection Sensor helps prevent burglar from seeing if any homeowners are at home.

Home Automation/Home Phone Apps:

The home security systems are connected to the Total Connect system via the Internet. Homeowners can also control these systems through the Total Connect app on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These systems can be programmed to send notification messages to owners' smartphones when doors are opened, when a security system is activated, etc. In addition, they can be programmed to interact with other systems in the home, such as automatically turning lights on and off, adjusting home thermostats, or remotely starting a vehicle's engine.

The Total Connect system now integrates with Amazon Echo (Alexa) to perform simple tasks using voice commands. Homeowners find it convenient to simply ask Alexa to "ask ADT" (Alexa, ask ADT) or "tell ADT..." (Alexa, tell ADT...) instead of pressing a button on the security panel or calling the central station.

Things to Consider While Choosing Home Security Systems in McAllen and Aransas:

It is vital that homeowners create a checklist before hiring and installing a home security system. Whether installing a home security system or alarm systems in McAllen and Kingsville, Texas, one must consider the level of security one wants to achieve, the features that should be included in the system, and the system's budget. While assessing the cost of home security systems, one must not forget to compare and find out the price range of different home security dealers in McAllen.

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