Bathroom renovations in Las Vegas and Spring Valley, NV That Does not Spoil One’s Budget

Posted by kitchenandbathremodeling on November 14th, 2022

Home improvement projects are a must to undertake from time to time. A redundant home will not fetch an excellent price when one wants to sell it. That is why undertaking home improvement projects is necessary. It not only betters one particular place, but it adds to the whole property value. This does not mean changing things around the house on its own but getting in touch with a remodeling contractor in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, who can help make extensive changes to certain places around the house, for example, the kitchen or bathroom. Of the two, bathroom remodeling gets more points from future homeowners.

If there is anything that comes as a hindrance to bathroom remodeling, then it is the budget. Home improvement projects are bound to be costly, and homeowners need to chalk out a budget beforehand. There are ways, however for one to get a luxurious bathroom, even if there are monetary constraints. Following are some ideas to remodel a bathroom within budget:

Refurbish the worn out bathroom cabinets- A bathroom remodeling itself is an expensive affair and to change all of it can break down the budget. If the cabinets can be salvaged, it is better to do so. Refurbishing the bathroom cabinets is a good idea rather than going for completely new ones. The doors and wood-like laminates can be refurbished for a new look.

Go for suspended cabinets- Opt for an under-the-sink cabinet or floating vanity when considering a new bathroom design. This is a chic idea that helps to keep the bathroom clutter free yet make it appear stylish. It is better not to consider end-to-end cupboards and clean out the floor space with a cabinet that is placed under the sink.

Install modern shower panels- There are a good number of shower panels available nowadays. They come with excellent features and can change the entire look of the bathroom. It is better to keep in mind the budget and choose one accordingly.

Upgrade the bathroom hardware and fittings- Prolonged use tarnish the bathroom fittings and hardware. The bathroom can start to look awry because of that. One can choose to upgrade the hardware including the faucets, towel rails, toilet paper holders, and more. The metallic accents in the fittings can be coordinated nicely with the light fixtures for a cohesive look.

Install Hidden cistern toilets- For contemporary bathroom renovations in Las Vegas and Spring Valley, NV, one can opt to install hidden cisterns. Toilets with hidden flush tanks are much in vogue now. Changing the old toilet tank or creating a faux wall for it is a cheaper option compared to entire bathroom remodeling.

Install modern light fixtures- All bathrooms don't come with natural lighting. Installing the right light fixtures helps to accentuate the bathroom's less lit-up places. The right fixtures can illuminate dull and dark places well. One can install hidden lights or backlit mirrors, or fancier fittings to create a play of light and shadow.

Install floating shelves: Floating shelves are often interesting, and if bonded well with the rest of the decor, they can create a significant visual effect. These stand-alone shelves can be either placed parallel to each other or at different heights for great visual appeal.

Putting together all these can help one to achieve a great-looking bathroom but at a reduced budget.

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