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The Faux leather fabric is an artificial leather. It is used to cover sofas and chairs. It is also used in apparel. Faux leather is further categorized into two main categories which are: polyurethane (“PU”), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC – “Vinyl”).

PU is softer and more flexible than the PVC. It is usually used by the industries to make high-end products like clothing etc. PVC is not that breathable as compared to PU and it is used to bind surfaces.

Benefits of faux leather fabric:

Faux leather is usually employed in the place of real leather. In short, faux leather has more advantages than the real leather. There are numerous reasons behind it like:

Faux leather is cheaper and more economical than the real leather. So if you want to show off some leather which is also pocket-friendly go for faux leather.

When it comes to durability, faux leather wins the game. It is highly durable and lasts longer as compared to the real leather. Faux leather does not get scratched or peeled off easily like the real leather products. Moreover, it is also resistant to discoloration and staining.

You do not need to sweat a lot to maintain your faux leather products. All you need is some washing material, water, and a rag to clean your faux leather.

Real leather can soak up moisture from the environment which makes is more prone to cracks and peels.

Experts have left no stone unturned to improve the quality of faux leather. They have modified it, added more textures to it, the color range has been increased, etc. this is not the case with real leather. You can only find limited amount of colors in real leather.

Real leather does not have consistency in it. The reason behind is that it comes from different sources. On the other hand, faux leather has a smooth and uniform structure because it originates from a single source.

You can do a lot of things with faux leather. As it is synthetic, you can print it, dye it, stitch it, sew it, etc. these things cannot be done with real leather because it is delicate.

Faux leather is really easy to manage as compared to the real leather.

Most importantly faux leather fabric is eco-friendly.

Real leather is gained by killing hundreds of animals every year. This is animal cruelty. Whereas faux leather is usually manufactured in industries and no animals gets harmed in making it.

Some disadvantages:

Everything comes with some drawbacks. Faux leather also has some cons despite its endless benefits.

Faux leather is not breathable.

It does not have that excellent luster like real leather.

It does not have the same hypo-allergenic qualities of real leather

Apart from this disadvantages, the faux leather fabric is still used but millions of people around the globe because of its diversity in colors, patterns, and styles.

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