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Posted by oshaprosusa on November 15th, 2022

Forklift operation is a specialized task that a layperson cannot do with a driver's license. It is essential to understand the skills and master them before handling the operations full-time. Inspecting the forklift before operating it properly in the course of work is vital. Indeed, several businesses utilize these specialized vehicles. Knowing that a forklift consists of multiple moving components and needs to be operated skillfully is imperative. Failing to do this increases the risk of fatal accidents!

While there is no way to predict an accident, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure forklift certification training for the operators to mitigate mishaps. Related statistics indicate that over 35,000 forklift accidents occur every year, with 100 of them resulting in the death of the operator or an onlooker. This makes it certain that several minor and/or major accidents can affect a forklift in the upcoming year. Some of the scary situations include:-

· Tipping off the forklift and crushing the operator

· Collision with elevated surfaces

· Crashing of two forklifts

· A physical injury on striking a forklift or being run over by one

· Injured by heavy objects falling from the forklift

· Falling from the platform of a forklift

It is interesting to note that most such accidents occur in the manufacturing industry. The construction and transport industry experience many forklift accidents too.

Safety training for forklift drivers becomes essential, therefore. Business owners and organizations utilizing forklifts for various purposes can prevent injuries and deaths by employing trained operators. This ensures safety for the operators and general public, including visitors and other workers in the area too. The concerned company gets to save a hefty sum that would have to be borne by them for damage reimbursement and workers' compensation claims otherwise.

There is no need for the existing operators and aspirants to lose days to attend the training sessions, however. One can opt for online training that will be completed in 1 to 1.5 hours. The trainees require no specific qualification to be eligible for the training. Knowledge of English is the only criterion here.

Going through the course material is essential to be educated about safety standards. Online training is imparted by sharing the safety standards provided in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(I).

One is expected to take a final test after the training. The certificate can be downloaded and printed out when one wishes to have a hard copy. This certificate may be provided to the employer/supervisor as proof of undergoing the training.

Surface miners and construction workers in Part 46 mines are expected to take the 8-hour new miner training part 46 that is endorsed by the "Mine Safety and Health Administration." This course equips the workers with safety practices in keeping with the standards. The trained student is qualified to print the certificate after completing the training successfully.

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