Qatar Football World Cup is a possible open door to convey a fair image of our nature

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Qatar Football World Cup is a possible open door to convey a fair image of our nature

HE minister of social development and family Mariam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad underlined that the Qatar FIFA World Cup is a potential chance to convey a respectable picture of the Qatari character and culture, as well as the genuine picture of Middle Easterners and Muslims from contortion and generalizations. HE the Minister insisted that Qatar is available for analysis, yet it won't ever adapt to assaults pointed toward diminishing it.

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HE the Minister of Social Development and Family noticed that since Qatar won the option to have the Qatar World Cup, many pens have started to coordinate bolts of analysis towards it, and soon obviously it involves an assault rather than analysis. Her Excellency recalled the new discourse of His Greatness the Amir Sheik Tamim container Hamad Al-Thani before the Shura gathering on this point.

The mission will in general proceed and extend to incorporate manufacturers and twofold norms that were fierce to such an extent that it has sadly provoked many individuals to scrutinize the real reasons and thought processes behind this mission, His Majesty the Amir said. HE Minister Mariam Al Misnad stressed that Qatar is a Bedouin and Muslim nation, and among its generally significant cultural and civilizational highlights are liberality and great gathering and welcome of World Cup visitors.

Indeed, we are a country that invites everybody, except we are also a country that has its values, morals and civilizational and cultural setting. We acknowledge the analysis and try to foster ourselves, work on our kin and serve our country, however, we surely don't adapt to assaults pointed toward criticizing us. On the social part of the Football World Cup, the Minister said, today we are already living in a noteworthy stage in the way of the Qatari renaissance, and this occasion will be written in the pages of history to be described in the coming ages.

Today, the eyes of the world are on Qatar to see what has been accomplished. Presently, at these times, I recollect the 12 years that have passed since the declaration of Qatar's facilitating of the FIFA World Cup. From that point forward, purposeful endeavours have been made by everybody to prevail in this challenge, whether from the public authority staff and state elements or through productive sharing with private area organizations, notwithstanding the value commitments of residents and occupants, she added.

Her Excellency praised all the endeavours that added to getting ready for the Football World Cup and confronting different challenges. We should not fail to remember all these endeavours, and thank every individual who added to arrive at this stage ensuing to confronting many challenges and emergencies, she said. In this specific situation, HE the Minister of social development and family focused on how Qatar came out more grounded after all the challenges and emergencies it confronted, focusing that the progress in this occasion is another station making a course for accomplishments.

We should recollect that all we are doing is speeding up the development cycle to accomplish Qatar National Vision 2030 under the immediate oversight of His Majesty the Amir Sheik Tamim canister Hamad Al-Thani, she added. Concerning the endeavours of the service of social development and family in such a manner, HE the Minister made sense of that the Service has launched frequent drives, for example, presently is our turn.

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This moment is our opportunity crusade, given the significance of the social job of individuals of Qatar. She noticed that the mission expects to feature the significant job of all individuals living in Qatar in the progress of the competition and convey a good picture of the Qatari culture and character, accenting wide cooperation with the mission. The drive tries to set them up for the atmosphere of planes and blockage in such regions.

HE Minister Mariam Al Misnad also declared that the service of social development and family will send off Qatar is open to all sites in the organization with Sasol, a site that explains all spots reasonable for individuals with handicaps in the territory of Qatar, making sense of that this assistance serves individuals of Qatar, and World Cup guests to the country with incapacities.

She added that the Service has also coordinated to help Qatari useful families under the local drive which has up until this point served 600 Qatari families. We have allocated places for these families in Msheireb and fan regions during the Football World Cup. We have an essential goal, which is to help and value the useful Qatari families. They are our sisters and mothers and one of the mainstays of this nation, and their prosperity is a triumph for all of us, she focused.

On the normal job of residents and occupants in the outcome of this competition, HE the Minister of Social Development and Family said, we anticipate a ton, recalling His Excellency Amir's discourse before the Shura Gathering that the FIFA World Cup is an event wherein we depict what our identity is, not just with regards to the strength of our economy and organizations, yet in addition as far as our civilizational character.

HE the Minister of social development and family said thanks to all the workers and labourers who came to Qatar from various nations, societies and dialects, with liberal hands and brains, and with grinning faces enthusing to add to this occasion and bring it out in the most ideal manner. On the service's endeavours to help individuals with handicaps to partake in the atmosphere of the World Cup, HE the Minister said that the service isn't the main body that thinks often about this class.

We are by all accounts not the only ones who care about this classification, whose solace we connect special significance to. The whole Territory of Qatar, through all its members, has made accomplishments that we are glad for in this field, she said. Her Excellency expressed that focuses have been allocated to get and convey fans with handicaps, highlighting wide halls, slopes and lifts that empower those with any trouble in development to effortlessly arrive at their seats.

There are 240 seats for the weakened in every Football World Cup arena. We should work with the pleasure in individuals with handicaps to go to matches like the remainder of society. Her Excellency also highlighted the arrangement of a sound distinct critique administration on matches to empower visually hindered and blind gatherings to partake in the atmosphere of the World Cup, and have the option to follow the matches inside the arena and partake in atmosphere of competition.

HE Minister Mariam Al Misnad added that the Arabic language will be available without precedent for the historical backdrop of the Qatar World Cup and that the sound unmistakable editorial help will also be accessible for individuals with handicaps among fans from around the world in both Arabic and English, through a special application on shrewd gadgets.

HE the Minister of Social Development and Family also revealed the arrangement of tangible help rooms inside the arenas without precedent in the FIFA World Cup history, so that fans with mental imbalance and tactile troubles can follow the matches in a tranquil space outfitted with the most recent assistive advancements, under the management of a specialized group of specialists.

This Football World Cup will see the biggest utilization of tactile help rooms at a game of this greatness ever. This help is also accessible at Hamad Air terminal as I referenced before," Her Excellency focused. In a connected setting, HE the Minister of Social Development and Family highlighted numerous offices for individuals with handicaps in arenas, including parking areas, benches, latrines and food and refreshment outlets.

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