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Posted by MobileSentrix Canada on November 17th, 2022

You might not know it yet, but there are several repair tools out there that can make your life easy. You can do repairs effortlessly and avoid awkward where you tell the customer if you misplace a part.

So here is a list of new cell phone repair tools that you must have for your cell phone repair business:

1 iScrews Position Mats– They allow you to organize the screws of the device when disassembling it to facilitate the reassembly without mixing and possibly changing the original position of the screws.

2 RL – 062A (Manual Gun Glue – 10CC) – It is an ergonomic dispenser that gives better precision in placing glue or fluids in 10CC syringe presentation.

3 iSocket Logic Board Platform Tester– It allows you to test the correct operation of the logic board after a micro soldering repair without the need to resolder both parts.

4 Phone Screws Storage Plates – They facilitate the storage and access of screws when repairing devices.

5 UG-78 10CC Solder Flux Paste – Flux helps solder adhere better and faster to a board or component due to its cleaning action on the surface when heated up. This flux comes as a paste, and it dispenses daily!

6 Carving Precision Knifer replacement blades – They are used to clean and remove adhesives or protective resins around and underneath the components of the logic boards as needed.

About Us:

MobileSentrix Canada is an iPhone Repair Tools provider serving in the industry for around 3 years. We are among one of the finest suppliers for the distribution of cell phone repair tools. We carry a wide range of brand name products including QianLi, TapeBase, Screwbox, dottorpod, Best, Mechanic, Wolve, Nanch, iTestBox, 2UUL, M-Triangle, Smartmod, Sunshine, Laserpod and many more.

Our superior quality products and competitive pricing speak our reputation in the market.

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