6 Gorgeous Usable Green Paint Colors

Posted by Cate Griffing on November 17th, 2022

Green is a fantastic color. It can be earthy and organic or vivid and bold. There are so many different variations of green that can be used throughout your home, specifically speaking paint colors.

I know, sometimes color on the walls can feel like it is overbearing or too intense. Honestly, this is only the case when you choose the wrong shade. For example, you choose a green that on the paint chip looks like a light mint green, Then once you get the actual paint on the walls it looks way more green than you were expecting. 

This can totally turn you off from using another color on your walls. For all, you know it can happen again. Not only is this time-consuming, but also having to repaint is a costly mistake. 

Now I'm here to save you from making these paint mistakes. And the only way to avoid it is by purchasing a sample of the paint color first. This is the only way to see the paint color accurately represented on your walls. Sampling a paint color is an absolute must. 

Now that you know you need to sample your paint colors before painting, I have 6 green paint colors that are not only extremely beautiful but also usable and versatile as well.

1. Saybrook Sage - Benjamin Moore

2.Sea Haze Benjamin Moore

3. Rosemary - Sherwin Williams 

4. Sensible Hue - Sherwin Williams

5. Evergreen Fog - Sherwin Williams

6. Cashmere Gray Benjamin Moore

These 6 green paint colors are all so versatile to use in your home. Whether it's on all the walls of your bedroom, an accent color to pair with your white paint color in your living room, or even on an old outdated piece of furniture. They will all look lovely.

Now even though I am recommending these green colors doesn't mean they will all work for your particular space. Everyone's home has different lighting, fixed elements, and decor. If you like one of these colors go ahead and swatch it. This will give allow you to see if it is the green paint color for you. 

Use this as your sign to branch out into the world of green paint colors.

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