The Best Online Expense Software for Marketing Agencies

Posted by Talygen on November 17th, 2022

Marketing agencies are constantly taking on new clients and projects. During these projects, project managers may take clients out to dinner or go to trade shows in different cities. All of these expenses can quickly add up for the company. However, this issue can be resolved when marketing agencies use online expense software. An online expense tracking software system helps company managers see what the organization’s funds are being spent on. Business expense trackers can also be used by employees to easily record money spent on expenses and get reimbursed for these expenses. The best business expense trackers marketing agencies can use include Talygen, Zoho Expense, Expensify, Rydoo, and Abacus.

Overview of Online Expense Trackers

  1. Talygen

Talygen’s expense tracker software is a helpful resource for marketing agencies to use. In Talygen, users can upload their project and travel expenses to the dashboard. Expenses can be uploaded in bulk. While uploading an expense, users can enter the expense details and upload any receipts as attachments. Once expenses have been submitted to Talygen, management can approve or deny them. Managers can also set limits on expenses. If an expense is overdue, the manager will be notified. Users can upload and view expense reports on Talygen’s mobile app. Users can also use Talygen’s other modules like the CRM system, time tracker, and client portal. Clients can view expense reports through the client portal. Talygen can also integrate with third-party tools like Microsoft Dynamics and QuickBooks. Due to its range of features and ease of use, Talygen is an ideal expense tracking software solution for marketing companies to use.

  1. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is an online expense software solution that marketing agencies can use for recording expenses for projects and trips. Like in Talygen, Zoho Expense allows users to upload expense reports and receipts easily. Expenses can either be uploaded in bulk or one by one. Users can upload expenses and create reports while on the go. Zoho Expense integrates with the entire Zoho software suite, including features like a CRM solution. However, a downside of using Zoho Expense is that the user interface is somewhat complicated to navigate.

  1. Expensify

Expensify is an expense tracker software system that allows marketing agencies to record their various expenses for projects and mileage quickly. Like other online expense trackers, Expensify allows users to upload their receipts via the mobile app. Expensify can also integrate with third-party accounting software like QuickBooks. However, a disadvantage of using Expensify is its reporting features are limited compared to other online expense tracking software systems.

  1. Rydoo

Rydoo is an online expense software solution that marketing agencies can use. Managers can view and track employees’ expenses for projects and travel directly from the app. Users can submit any required documents alongside the expense entries. Managers can then approve or reject the expense entries. However, some marketing agencies may hesitate to use Rydoo as their expense tracking software because it does not have a reimbursement system.

  1. Abacus

Marketing agency employees can easily record their expenses and get reimbursed for them when they use Abacus. Managers can approve or reject expenses right after they get submitted. The expenses will be stored in the dashboard. Another benefit of using Abacus is that it allows for easy reporting in real-time. Abacus can also integrate with third-party accounting software systems like QuickBooks. However, some marketing agencies may hesitate to use Abacus as their business expense tracker because the mobile app has tends to crash.

Wrapping It Up

Marketing agencies can greatly benefit from using business expense tracking software to help them track their funds. There are many online expense trackers that marketing agencies can use, but Talygen is one of the best systems on the market. For more information on Talygen’s expense tracking software, visit to view pricing plans.

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