What Are Some Facts About Dirty Carpets That You Might Not Know?

Posted by Sarah Jones on November 18th, 2022

Most of us know that carpets in our homes or offices can come under a lot of wear and tear, and many things can spoil them. They can easily be spoiled with stains, traffic lanes, and discoloring, leading to wear and tear. Sometimes, the damage is so much that you might need to replace them.

It is a fact that carpets that do not receive proper care can ultimately end up in a bad state and might also make the manufacturer's warranty useless. But with proper residential carpet care, carpets can retain their previous look, feel and smell. In this guide, you will learn some facts about dirty carpets that you might be unaware of.

Facts About Dirty Carpets That You Must Know

Some important facts about dirty carpets that you must know are as follows:

  • Carpets can attract greasy residue along with dirt

Each day, the oily residue from the rooms in your house and family pets is carried in from the outside and dries into your carpet. This residue can attract and lock in the dirt to your carpet fibers. With time, the dirt will compound and change the color of your carpet. If left unattended, there will be traffic lanes, and this will become permanent.

  • Sandy soil will tear your carpet apart

If you look at your carpet closely and have parted the pile, you may be surprised to know that there is a pit of dirt in your carpet. Home vacuum cleaners cannot easily reach this dirt. It will not be usually visible but will grind your carpet and upholstery away each time you sit or walk on your carpets.

  • Your carpets might be bearing many germs and could potentially make you ill

Your carpet usually acts as a filter that traps damaging air pollutants such as fungi, pollen, tars, cigarette smoke, and residues. Though it sounds really bad, the real trouble begins when the carpet can no longer trap or hold these air pollutants. The trapped air pollutants can only be removed when you hire residential carpet care services.

  • Dirty carpets are not good for allergy, eczema, asthma, and rhinitis sufferers

Carpets often become infested with dust mites, and their droppings can lead to asthma, rhinitis, and eczema attacks. People often search for a solution to these conditions though the problems are well under their feet. This can be a serious health problem for people who suffer from environmental allergies. Dirty carpets often lead to health problems in even healthy people.

  • Due to accumulated dirt, carpets can get heavy

Many people may be unaware that almost four times as much dirt as their weight accumulates on the carpets and maybe even more in some cases. Carpets can attract all types of dirt, such as dead skin cells, dust mites, pet hair, dust, insect feces, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, mold, other compounds, and many other allergens. It is essential to get the carpet cleaned regularly, and it is also important to vacuum them at least once or twice a week.

Those are not enough; you also must get your carpets professionally cleaned to ensure that all the allergens are removed from the carpet fibers. You may need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets.

  • You must forget the 5-second rule

You might not think your carpet is dirty, but some people have admitted to spilling food on their carpet and eating it. If your carpets are not clean, you must consider what you put inside your stomach. You need to forget that five-second rule and know that bacteria can live in your carpets for about four weeks. This increases the chance of bacteria getting inside your food that is spilled on the carpet.

  • Remove the shoes before you walk in your carpets

Most people admit that they walk on carpets while wearing the outdoor shoes. This not only attracts a lot of dirt into the house but also increases the accumulation of dirt in the carpets. Only vacuuming will not help, and many people often move their furniture around to cover the stains in their carpets, which does no good.

The stains and spills in the carpets should be immediately cleaned to prevent the stains from forming again. If there are stains on your carpet, you must stop moving your furniture around and opt for residential carpet care.

  • Carpets have norovirus

The norovirus, also known as the Norwalk virus, causes symptoms similar to stomach flu or food poisoning. It has the potential to survive on your carpet for around four to six weeks, and it also becomes airborne as people roll or walk across it.

Contact Windell's Carpet Care

You must opt for residential carpet care to ensure that your carpets remain clean and free of spills and stains. You can contact Windell's Carpet Care and have them professionally clean your carpets once every six months. But you can take care of your carpets by ensuring you do not spill food and ignore the stains.

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