Gaudis's Sagrada Familia Temple, also known as the Holy Family Temple

Posted by Elijah on November 19th, 2022

The translation of Antoni Gaudi's Temple of the Sagrada Familia is "Temple of the Holy Family," but Antoni Gaudi did not start the original design. The Catholic Church's original architect left shortly after construction began, abogada de familia and Gaudi was given carte blanche to make any changes he wished to what was originally intended to be a traditional Gothic church design. The project was taken up by Gaudi at the end of 1883, but 43 years later, only one bell tower had been built.

Gaudi began the project when he was 32 years old, abandoning other projects to concentrate on it, and he died in 1926 at the age of 73 after being struck by a tram. If he had not been so preoccupied with this incomplete structure, one wonders what other wonders he would have left for us. The church almost became his life's work. Because they were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, we are unsure of the final designs for it.

Work resumed in 1952 and is still going strong now, albeit very slowly.

It is intended to be finished in time for the centennial of his passing in 2026, but given that it is and has always been an expiatory church, this is taking longer than expected. This indicates that donations are the only source of funding.

The Nativity Facade, the first section of the church to be finished, initially appears to be a strange jumble of figures. A closer look reveals the saints and a variety of Catalan and Holy Land plants and birds. In a very unique fashion, the Holy Family and the nativity are displayed alongside angels. To really comprehend it, you must see it.

The Passion Facade, which was eventually built by Joseph M. Subirachs, a Catalan sculptor, is another completed component. His work has generated a great deal of debate and controversy because it is the exact opposite of Gaudi's, with angular lines and harsh figures as opposed to Gaudi's more organic, soft design. You can decide for yourself whether you like it or not; some people do. The difference between the few of Gaudi's signature design styles that are present and the stark contrast allow for individual preference.

The crypt, another completed section of the Sagrada Familia.

Was finished by Francesc de Villar, the original architect hired for the project, who eventually left it in Gaudi's hands. Antoni Gaudi is honoured by being interred in a chapel within the crypt. The structure now houses a church-themed museum where some of the original designs, including some of Gaudi's original drawings, are on display.

There will be a total of eighteen towers built, one for Mary, Jesus, the apostles, the four evangelists, and the apostles themselves. Only 8 of these have been finished, four of which are located above the Nativity and Passion facades. Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, Hosanna in Excelsis are written in Latin text on each ceramic mosaic-covered spire.

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