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Posted by Mark Smith on November 19th, 2022

Tips to write Essay Outline


An essay outline is defined as the collection of points and subpoints that are designed particularly to assist students so that they can write a full-length essay. It is an integral part of essay writing. In most of cases, outline is the prelim through which an essay can be evaluated on some practical grounds. Also, an outline is deemed important to give some practical insight into how a full-length essay is written, and it helps students to come up with more related facts and figures rather than ranting around with the words to come up with a crux towards something. Collectively an outline is all about cohesiveness, compactness, and completeness that can help to convince readers to believe something that is to be evaluated or something that is rejected in the past.

Essay Outline Example

If you are looking for an essay outline example, it is important to look into the topic that is to be discussed.

Let’s assume that the outline is to be written about the favorite personality. If the person is living, or even if he is dead, the following format should be followed.


Here, one should mention the history of the person, as in when the person was born, and how his childhood has made a difference to the present vision that people have for him. It should also include some significant details about the place of birth and the area where that personality was born.


In this section, one should restrict the discussion to the concerned department. If the individual has some major contributions to the literature, then his lifestyle should be mentioned in the light of literature and how he has actually contributed to the art department.

In the next paragraph, a writer should talk about what influenced the personality to think in that particular way. Here, it should be clearly emphasized which incidents, actions, or personality were the convincing powers to create a difference.

In the coming paragraph, one should write the impact that the specific individual has brought. It is crucial to discuss how personality has brought a difference to the world. One should talk about the facts and the figures that were brought to light under the activities, guidance, or influence of that person.


In this last section, one should summarize what has been discovered and learned so far. It is crucial to talk in general about everything that the individual has observed and considered as a lifelong lesson.

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