ESO: Free Pet and new content

Posted by ZOE on November 21st, 2022

Celebrate the console release of ESO's newest DLC, Firesong, with a FREE new non-combat pet for everyone! Claim your Guar-Lizard Calf today!

ESO’s newest DLC, Firesong, is released today for console players and PC players received an important update. There were a couple of issues with the PC release that ESO has worked very hard on correcting. For everyone’s patience, a FREE non-combat pet, the Guar-Lizard Calf is available in the Crown Store. This pet is free to all players but will be available this week only! Yes, you don't have to spend any ESO Gold this time!

Besides, the Ultimate Galen and Y’ffelon Zone Guide is ready! In addition to the main quest, there are two delves, 2 unique world bosses, skyshards, lore books, and volcanic vents to conquer. You may have to do some preparation.

And here's the new Tales of Tribute, players have an opportunity to acquire the new patron deck, The Druid King, from Galen and Y’ffelon. You should know how to acquire ALL the patron decks before doing the mission!

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