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Posted by Brian Miller on June 18th, 2016

Private clubs and event organizers at the helm of things need to be fully aware of the trends so that they can turn any party into a huge success. Hence the popularity of fruit machines to rent Manchester or in Liverpool offered by rental companies which are fully certified to do so. And, not just that they are offering this service in compliance with the rules and regulations of HMRC Machine Games Duty. There are different kinds of fruit machines to rent Liverpool available. If you are in need of one then take a look at the collection of fruit machines along with any other gaming equipment you may require. You will be able to get it on rent at a very suitable arrangement which can of course be discussed in details once you are sure about the machine you need to rent.

Types of fruit machines to rent Liverpool
There are three main categories of fruit machines to rent Liverpool or in Manchester. The clubs however prefer the category B3A machines which is a source of tax free income for them. The new Machine Games Duty exempts these machines from tax, duty or VAT. You can be absolutely certain about the random nature of the payout. These are easy to understand and hence new players get more attracted to these machines than the others. All the machines are rested on profit share basis. Then there are category B4 machines as well, which are more popular with clubs belonging to private members. The top prize is a tad bit lesser than B3A machines though. Finally there are category C machines with the least top prize. It is important to note that all the payouts are by tickets and there is no cash money involved.

Find out more about fruit machines to rent Manchester
This one is easy. Once you know which rental company you wish to deal with, you can give them call and discuss your requirements. Private clubs have a number of options when it comes to getting machines on hire so there shouldn’t be any problem in finding either machines or information about them. To know more about the rules and regulations you can always visit the official website of Machine Games Duty, maintained by the government of UK. They have detailed information about the rules that the rental companies and clubs need to comply with.

Areas covered by rental companies
When you are looking for fruit machines to rent Manchester or Liverpool, they are also available in other areas like Warrington, Chester, Crosby, Leeds, North Wales, Preston, Blackpool and a number of other surrounding cities. Usually, if the rental companies are based in Manchester or Liverpool you can expect them to serve to a radius of 100 miles around.

Now that information about fruit machines to rent Manchester is available in websites of the rental service providers, you have the benefit of going through the details before you contact them directly and fix up a deal. You don’t have to sit with the yellow book or run around from one gaming equipment rental shop to another. It’s saving cost and time both to go for fruit machines to rent Liverpool while you can concentrate on other important aspects of arranging the event.

There are various kinds of fruit machines to rent Liverpool and Manchester. You can choose any one of the fruit machines to rent Manchester or in Liverpool for your club event.

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