How to Get Into PGA Golf

Posted by Golf Lounge on November 22nd, 2022

PGA golf stands for Professional Golfer’s Association. This is where all the big shots of golf play. Is there any way that the average Joe or Jill golfer can be a part of PGA golf? The answer is yes.

PGA University

Believe it or not, but there is actually a university that one can attend; it is called the Professional Golf Management University Program, and takes around four years to graduate. This program helps the student gain skills to be successful in the golf industry through extensive classes and internships. There are 18 of these universities nationwide!

PGA Professional Golf Management Program

The PGA Professional Golf Management Program is a great way to get into PGA golf. This program offers great training in golf management. They offer jobs from club fittings to rules officials to golf course architects to the head professional at a PGA-recognized golf course. Some requirements are having a high school diploma and having 36 work credits. This program includes long hours of studying and reading books. You must also pass the PAT. The PAT is just simply the playing ability test. One must golf 36 holes and get the approved score twice. It sounds easy, but only 20 percent pass this test.

How to Pass

Both of these programs prepare you for a career in many aspects of golf; not just playing like Tiger Woods. However, getting into PGA golf is not as easy as swinging your club. It does require a lot of studying at an approved university. Those who see golfing as just a hobby, then they should not pursue PGA golf.

On the PGA golf site, there are many tips and strategies listed. To do well, one must have great time management, note-taking skills, effective listening and reading skills, ability to memorize and take tests. John Gudauskas writes that the best way to go through this program with flying colors is to, “Set goals, prioritize, do your best work, follow directions, prepare, use counselors and apprentices to your advantage, share your work with your employers, and enjoy your accomplishments”.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Just like Harvard and Yale are not for everyone, neither is PGA golf. Before you pursue this career opportunity, you might want to ask yourself some questions. Such questions include, “What do I know about PGA America?”, “What am I willing to do to accomplish my dreams?”, and “If I do not participate in this program, will I regret it later?”

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