A review of Young Knives' Superabundance

Posted by Elijah on November 23rd, 2022

A three-piece indie rock group from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England, is called Young Knives. Their band consists of Thomas "House of Lords" Dartnell, Henry Dartnell, and Oliver Askew (Drums and Backing Vocals). They are well recognised for playing alternative geek rock.

I'm reminded of The Futureheads by superabundance.

This record's first half is quick and crunchy, and its second half is slow and steady. Similar to how we dance all night long when we attend a party.

Fit 4 U by Superabundance has a solid guitar and bass groove that hooks me in.

Despite the fact that the electronic elements are not very visible, this song contains all the basic components of disco rock music. After hearing a song by Young Knives, divorcio sin firma del cónyuge we always feel pleased and frequently ponder whether such songs will continue to be produced.

The 13-second intro to "Terra Firma" features a return to classic guitar rock.

The persistent background guitar riffing after the speed goes up and reaches it provides the impression that we are hearing the guitar's echoes. "Fake rabbit, real snake, terra firma, terra firma," they chant. Young Knives also ask the crowd to join in on the chorus by raising their hands. Strange lyrics, but Terra Firma's guitar echoes told me to ignore them.

"Up All Night" began with a few howls that sounded like wolves.

The next guitar has a Terra Firman feel about it. Sincerity be damned, Up All Night features some fantastic rhythm and music that I truly wasn't expecting. Particularly in the chorus, Young Knives' guitar and vocals work well together.

Young Knives may be heard singing, "We're not numbers... We're the counters," in the song "Counters," as if they were far away. Counters wakes me up, though, and I start to nod along as soon as the main song starts. Counters' guitar playing is highly infectious, and the chorus that follows fits in just right. Without a question, Counters is one of Superabundance's finest songs.

Henry's vocals in "Light Switch" are not heard until after a drawn-out instrumental introduction.

When I listen to Light Switch, I can't help but smile a little because of the guitar in the verse. Young Knives' song "You Are the Light Switch." Similar to the chorus of Terra Firma, the chorus in this song is straightforward and catchy.

Young Knives are taking their time with "Turn Tail." The guitar entrance's lengthy, repetitive playing at the same note makes me think of Bloc Party's Here We Are. Young Knives' song Turn Tail showcases a unique side of the group. I especially enjoy the chorus, "Turn tail and run, I shall turn tail and run," where a viola can be heard supporting Henry and the other singers.

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