How to avoid seamless pipe rupture

Posted by zora li on November 23rd, 2022

How to avoid seamless pipe rupture

1. When cleaning seamless steel pipes, use organic solvents and solvents to clean the surface of seamless steel pipes to remove oil, vegetable grease, dust, lubricating fluid and similar organic substances, but not to remove rust, oxide scale, flux, etc. A surface layer of steel and therefore corrosion-resistant only as a manufacturing aid.

2. The special tools for anti-rust treatment of seamless steel pipes are mainly to use special tools such as steel brushes to grind and polish the surface of the steel to remove loose or shrinking oxide scale, rust, welding marks, etc. The tool can reach Sa2 level, and the actual effect of anti-rust treatment of pneumatic tools can reach Sa3 level. If the solid oxide scale is attached to the steel surface, the actual effect of the special tool anti-rust treatment is not ideal, and the anchor pattern design depth required for the corrosion-resistant structure cannot be achieved.

3. The pickling and passivation of seamless steel pipes generally adopts two methods: organic chemical method and electrolytic method. The anti-corrosion of steel pipes can only be passivated by organic chemical pickling, which can remove scale, rust and old coatings. Sometimes it can be used again as a shot blasting process. Although organic chemical cleaning can make the surface achieve a certain degree of cleanliness and surface roughness, the design of the steel anchor pattern is shallow, which can easily cause environmental pollution.

Methods to avoid cracking of seamless steel pipes

Chinese vertical welded pipe manufacturers generally improve performance by adding aluminum alloys to the raw materials. In-situ stress quenching must be carried out after cold drawing to eliminate the internal stress of the raw material and avoid cracking. Tensile deformation, but it is based on the plastic deformation and ductility of metallic materials.

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