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Posted by liviakislaw on June 20th, 2016

Surviving in this turbulent economy can be challenging, especially for the home owners. Foreclosures are ugly situations which are hard to avoid. But the game is not over yet. Professional foreclosure defense attorney in California can put the power back in your hands.  Hiring a foreclosure defense attorney can solve many of your debt troubles. There are many reputed law firms in California which provide debt relief services to the individuals and families. For foreclosure defense attorney in California, you can trust in the services of Liviakis Law, who have experience and expertise to pull you out safely from the legal troubles.

Benefits of Foreclosure Attorneys
A foreclosure attorney can be one of the most important elements in such cases. The fact that they have a plenty of experience in dealing with even the worst foreclosure cases, they can rescue you from the legal hassles. Below are the various ways through which these attorneys can help you with any sort of debt relief. Have a look-

Extensions and Forgiveness
This one is a very common case where homeowner facing foreclosure is fixed due to lack of time or defaults or monthly payments adding up too quickly.  Here, foreclosure defense attorney can request the lender to allow some payment extensions as well as forgive some fees and defaults if any.  

Bring down the monthly payment and interest rate
If you are unable to arrange the monthly payment amount or that the interest rate has inflated to an unfeasible amount, your attorney can help to negotiate at a lower monthly payment and interest rates with the lender. The attorneys at Liviakis Law are armed with extensive experience and knowledge to put forward a strong case from their side and avail maximum benefit for their client.

Foreclosure defense attorney in California request the lender for forbearance period. During the period, your total monthly payment may be reduced to a great extent or temporarily stopped. Upon completion of the forbearance period, you will resume your mortgage monthly payments.

Short Sale
If you still not able to bear the reduced monthly amount, your attorney can convince the lender for short sale. In this the bank will attempt to sell the property at a small loss. Both the parties can benefit from this option.

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