Top 5 U.S. Cities for Remote Workers to Call Home

Posted by Local Skill on November 23rd, 2022

When did you last want to work remotely? Perhaps you spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in traffic and waiting for the commuting hours to end. Or perhaps there are days when it would be much more convenient to work from home so that you could get things done around the house without having to take time off for lunch. Imagine if your employer would let you take a day off!

Then think about all the amazing places you'd love to live if it weren't for your employer not allowing you to work remotely. Were we to tell you that there is a wide variety of high-quality, location-independent work available, would you believe us? Having a rewarding job and the opportunity to reside in a remarkable location is possible. Check out the top cities in the United States for digital nomads if you're looking to relocate within the country.

Best cities to work remotely in America

The Nomad List ranks the top places in the United States for digital nomads to set up shop and get to work on their terms.


You can easily discover an alternative when you need to get somewhere in Miami, Florida, but don't feel like driving. Two light rail systems and the traditional Metro train system give digital nomads a wide range of options for getting around the city. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Miami is also home to many exciting cultural attractions and exciting nightlife.

New York

Those who prefer working from home will find New York to be a dream metropolis. There are many places to do your job outside, such as parks, cafés, and public libraries. Also, while it may be prohibitive for digital nomads to reside in the heart of Manhattan, the city's huge subway and metro system makes it possible for them to do so in any part of the city, including the suburbs. Without the hassle and expense of commuting, you can take in all that "The Big Apple" has to offer in terms of entertainment and culture.


In Atlanta, you can live comfortably for less money than you may think, and there's always something to do thanks to the city's thriving social and entertainment scene.  Most remote workers acknowledge that learning to drive in the city can be difficult, but they also say that the extensive public transportation system makes getting around without a car a breeze.


Seattle, a leader in the "green" movement, is well-known for being the home of Amazon, Microsoft, and other multinational corporations with headquarters, such as JPMorgan Chase and Starbucks. In Seattle, remote workers can find innovative tech, finance, and retail companies that welcome remote employees worldwide.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a top destination for digital nomads for work and recreation. There is something that will pique every visitor's interest, the seafood that will make your mouth water, the bustling market at Fisherman's Wharf, or the towering Redwood trees just over the bridge.

How to Make It as a Remote Worker

It's easy to picture yourself working on a project while lounging in a chair on a tropical beach when you imagine the lifestyle of a freelancer. However, many digital nomads base themselves in the United States and spend their lives exploring diverse landscapes and opportunities.

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