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Commerce began from the moment prehistoric human beings started practising the exchange of goods and services among each other for mutual benefits. Humans have several sorted techniques and ways to bring buyers and sellers together for the smooth functioning of the exchange of goods and services years before creating currencies or establishing trade routes.

Today, Commerce refers to the activities involved in the large-scale exchange or buying and selling goods, products and services for money or something of equal value. In addition, Commerce is the transaction between agents such as towns, cities, countries, continents or businesses. Most large-scale selling and buying of goods and services in the current times is performed globally and represents the exchange of goods and services across international boundaries.

Different Courses in Commerce Stream

Students are often confused about choosing a degree or a course after completing their intermediate studies. Selecting one of the most suitable courses is truly difficult for the 12th graduates. Several Commerce stream courses are offered to aspiring candidates at different academic levels. Here are some of the most preferred courses in the commerce stream:

  • B Com or Bachelor of Commerce (General)

  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours (B.Com Hons.)

  • BAF or Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

  • BFM or Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Market

  • M Com (Master of Commerce)

Apart from these being some of the top courses pursued by aspiring candidates of the commerce stream, several other courses related to Commerce are offered to interested students. Three well-known and highly demanded courses under the Bachelor of Commerce are General B.Com, BCom Hons, and Bcom.

Both the B Com (General) and Bachelor of Commerce Honours are almost similar, with minor differentiations. However, a B Com Hons. or a Bachelor of Commerce Honours is one of the most popular and highly sought-after courses often chosen by brilliant and new-aged young minds with multiple advantages. Before diving deep into the topic, let us discuss the course in detail.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Details

B com or Bachelor of Commerce Honours is one of India's most popular and advantageous undergraduate courses. A BCom Honours is a full-time undergraduate degree program with an interdisciplinary approach. The course is of three years, further divided into six semesters, covering all the concepts related to the course. The course can be pursued online, offline, or in regular modes according to the student's convenience or preferences.

Students who wish to build their career in Accounting, Banking, Finance, or Commerce fields can enrol for the course after completing their intermediate studies from a recognised board. Moreover, students are selected based on the marks gained in their last qualification or by analysing their performance in the entrance tests conducted annually at state, national and university levels.

B.Com Hons Course Structure

The B.Com Hons course structure comprises the core subjects and elective courses. The core courses in the B.Com Hons course structure include the study of Financial Mathematics, Law, Accounting, Economics, Financial Technology, Statistics, Corporate Finance, etc. In contrast, the elective courses comprise the allied domain, which relates efficiently to the core courses. The core and elective courses allow the course aspirants to actively participate in the practices of observation, enquiry and analysis of experimental or practical problems or issues related to business.

Students are offered several credits; they are expected to complete at least 144 credits to graduate. The course aspirants can complete the 144 credits in the sub-sections, which are as follows:

  • Core courses - 94 Credits

  • Electives - 50 Credits (8 Credits for Voluntary Independent Research Projects and Research or Industry Internships)

The well-designed B.Com Hons course structure allows its students to learn and understand several concepts, principles, and other knowledge related to the field in depth through its core courses and electives. Here are some of the core courses included in the well-designed B.Com Hons course structure:

  • Introduction to Spreadsheets

  • Principles of Management

  • Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions

  • Marketing for Financial Services

  • Behavioural Economics and Finance

  • Strategic Cost Management

In addition, students have the opportunity to choose among different electives across four pathways, which include:

  • Fintech and Analytics

  • Financial Planning and Risk Management

  • Global Consultancy and Entrepreneurship

  • Banking Laws and Financial Regulations

Students will find several electives to choose from under the four pathways. This will help them learn the course even more efficiently.


Bachelor of Commerce Honours is one of the most sought-after courses in the commerce stream. Students acquire a strong foundation of the course through in-depth learning and understanding of the course curriculum. This helps empower the candidate to tackle and deal with the present situations in the globalised world and help them emerge as industry-ready field experts exposing them to massive scope with a wide range of lucrative career opportunities.

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