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Posted by Vidhi Yadav on November 24th, 2022

Selangor is an urbanized state located on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Bracketed by the union territories of Kuala Lumpur in the east and the strait of Malacca in the west. And north and south are largely covered in tropical vegetation. Due to this extremely favorable localization. The ports and the state capital are important commercial hubs in the Indo-pacific. But the surrounding forests breed and shelter uncivilized elements that often inflict great detriments upon the city. And if the same is left unchecked, can contribute to bringing the entire country down to its knees. 

Adding to the ordeal, the abundance of technology and the gifts of science are allowing these detrimental elements to be more precise and unpredictable. Therefore, a security company in Selangor must be versatile. And possess the skills to work both amidst the concrete and floral jungles. 

Challenges in Selangor 

  • Sneak attacks

Selangor being bracketed by forests in the south and the north is always at risk of sneak attacks like hit and run, remote destinations, and IED-based detonations. These attacks test the punctuality and preciseness of security professionals. And every second loss can cost valuable human lives. 

  • Ambush 

The city is connected to the rest of Malaysia through the ports and the well-maintained highway system. That pierces through thick tropical vegetation. Thus, moving important cargo to and from the city is always vulnerable during travel time. So are the important professionals who are of value to the country and mankind. Thus, a security guard operating in Selangor or surrounding areas must know the map like the back of their palms. 

  • Theft, burglary, and armed robbery

When it comes to theft, burglary, or any crime of the same genre. Armed guards are excellent adversaries. They can hold the line against even armed robbers till law enforcement arrives. Furthermore, weaker criminals can pose a deterrence that they cannot ignore. But to be effective a security team must utilize modern technology more and better than their opponents. 

Capabilities needed to ensure mitigation

The mitigation lies in the courage, intellect, and experience of a security team. A good security company in Selangor must possess the following essential capabilities. 

Remote surveillance

Often it is not essential to deploy professionals for mitigating a security threat. Just the knowledge and a few remote capabilities are enough. A security team entrusted with the security of a large compound must have remote surveillance capabilities. And the same must include,

  • Weatherproof motion sensors, and pressure sensors along the perimeter and the corridors.

  • CCTV and drone-based surveillance. 

  • Computer vision and facial recognition techniques.

  • Night and thermal vision.  

  • Sensitive and effective determinants alarm system. 

And these remote capabilities make it possible for a few adept guards to secure a large compound. Enabling a company to operate, without as many human assets on the ground. 

Effective ambush protection

The wide roads of Malaysia are prime targets of IED-based attacks and ambushes. And a responsible guard must chart out all the probable IEDs and attack points along the route. And come up with a safer way of traveling. Maybe also put in place plans for active defense. Or maybe suggest another route for a safer, more temporally accurate journey. 

Perimeter security 

Depending on the size of a perimeter, securing the same can require huge amounts of data and adept analysis of the same. An expensive process that can be bypassed by the experience of the professionals. The guards might check everything from the locks and hinges to doors and windows to monitoring and alarm systems. And even chart out a safer exit in case a sudden ordeal arises. 

K9 security 

Canines are known for their extra-human olfactory capabilities. They can smell the very intention of crime. Therefore, they can be extremely demotivating to the criminally intended. Just their presence can be an active deterrence. They have a flexible sleep schedule, and thus can be deployed for round-the-clock surveillance. 

In the case of search and rescue operations, canines reach out to be stragglers in places humans cannot. And without risking any human lives they can pose the first line of defense against a breach. Canines can be trained to detect specific substances and react to the threat by barking and drawing attention. Thus, an ideal addition to a security company in Selangor with 24*7 security responsibilities. 

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