FIFA 17: Active Intelligence System and Attacking Techniques Change A Lot

Posted by supodum on June 20th, 2016

This, of course, happens every year. The producers at EA Sports in Vancouver have to travel the world evangelising the latest Fifa title to journalists who are used to being told that this is the most exciting, innovative instalment the series has ever seen. And then we're shown a new heading mechanic.

But this year, there are two changes. They are new active intelligence system and new attacking techniques. Read this article, you will know them more. Besides it, I want to tell you that U4FIFA.COM, the best in-game service provider, offer the cheap fifa 17 coins for sale. You buy cheap fifa 17 coins safely and enjoying our fastest delivery at U4FIFA.COM!

New active intelligence system

EA has improved the positioning technology so AI teammates make better, more incisive runs. A key part of this is that players now have a nuanced understanding of space. Before, they'd just automatically think that gaps nearer the opponent's goal are the best to run into, and that they should stay away from spaces where teammates are. In Fifa 17, they may put on the brakes to create gaps behind incoming defenders rather than automatically heading forwards; they may also get in close to teammates to pull defenders out of position. "Your teammates are going to work hard," said McHardy. "They'll make more runs that are better and more specific to what your side is trying to achieve. There won't be as many defensive stalemates." AI players will also make longer runs, even if it means slipping out of position, and they'll use diagonal runs depending on the incoming passing angle.

In our short hands-on session, AI players definitely looked busier, signalling their intentions and bobbing in and out of the 18-yard box. It was difficult to work out from a few matches, however, if this will result in genuinely useful runs, or if the animation will be obvious enough to flag up more complex intentions.

New attacking techniques

Fifa 16 added a ‘pass with purpose' function that let midfielders perform a zippy forward pass along the ground. That idea has now been extended into keeper throws, through balls and, most importantly, shooting. With the new driven finishes and downward headers system you can build up the power of a strike by holding the button, then tap it again to keep the ball low.

The idea is to allow those low, turbo-charged Steven Gerard-style shots into the corners. But during the hands-on, we discovered that it's also useful for powering a shot while your back is toward the goal, then quickly turning and letting loose a powerful strike.

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