Becoming a data scientist: What to expect?

Posted by Vidhi Yadav on November 24th, 2022

Data is everywhere, being generated by everyone! Humanity collectively generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. And in 2022 we have the means to harness its power. Handling huge amounts of data involves massive storage capacity and adequate processing power. Something that can be achieved today. And for this very reason, not utilizing enough data is rather foolish. Furthermore, the use of data has shown great promise. Data is saving lives and professions all across the planet. As per the trends, in a few years, time data scientists will be the most rewarded tech professionals around. 

Data utilization and the emergence of more opportunities in the field are both on the rise. And aided by one another. Amidst this fulfilling co-prosperous environment, data education is also flourishing. Students are not privileged in terms of training and skill development opportunities. And there is a clear abundance of employment opportunities. This article will try to shed more light on the brighter spheres of technology. And try to reflect some of it on the enthusiasts, poised to embark on their venture with a data science course with placement

Who can be a data scientist?

Data science is a liberal discipline. People from a variety of backgrounds can become a part of it! But statisticians, computer scientists, and researchers with data handling experience find it easier to blend in. However, the data volumes a data scientist is expected to handle in 2022 are humongous. Therefore, automation training is an integral part of becoming a data scientist. A data scientist must possess the skills needed for training, optimizing, and deploying automated analytics tools. And therefore, acquire the skills from an early stage if not before embarking on their tenure. 

Gaining the right kind of training 

Choosing an honorable venture is the beginning of effective training. Data scientist is usually bestowed with responsibilities that are of utmost importance to their employers. Therefore, hands-on training and previous experience in handling such responsibilities are essential. A student enrolled in a responsible institute is expected to receive guidance and help from their teachers while looking for the training they need. And with experience, the faculty can place students in sectors that are suited to their interests and skills. 

However, for budding data scientists, it is wise to choose dedicated data analytics companies. Not every venture in the market can deploy in-house data teams. Especially due to the limitation of resources and adept manpower. Therefore, they seek help from these dedicated data companies. As a result, the data ventures enjoy the company of a diverse group of clients. And being a trainee at their service involves acquiring a lot of experience in diverse genres. In turn, this experience helps a student professionally diversify at will. And be flexible and welcoming towards the bestowed responsibilities.

What are the employment opportunities?

In the public sectors

The healthcare sectors worldwide are utilizing huge amounts of medico historical data for the development of personalized medicine. The data in-store in hospitals and clinics around the world are humongous in quantity and now we can make complete sense of the same. Alongside personalized therapies, automation entities for diagnosis are being developed for the eradication of human errors from the processes. A data scientist aiming to secure a career in this sector must have the sense of responsibility to handle operations that if failed can cost human lives.  

To ensure a rapid response to natural calamities, disaster management sectors worldwide use gargantuan amounts of regional and global climate data. Even before the onset, mitigation and precautionary measures are taken. Save a lot of lives and huge amounts of property in the process. The results are astonishing! And thus, the importance of a data scientist in this sector will thus only increase.

In commerce 

A wide range of relevant data is used in commerce. Including end-user feedback, financial data, data from the competition, and internal data. These huge amounts of data are used to identify the most relevant customers, develop and upgrade a product, and plan the future course of action. Therefore, the dependency is already high! And given the increasing socio-temporal precariousness the same will only increase. And more opportunities will emerge in the sectors. 


However, just taking up a data science course with placement promises can not suffice for the massive need for adeptness. To remain relevant, data scientists must possess the skills to remold themselves now and then. And the same can only be made possible by gaining a diverse range of experience. And learning to deal with the responsibilities at work!

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