How to Create a Wazirx Clone App: Everything You Need To Know

Posted by oprisexchange on November 24th, 2022

Creating apps like WazirX Clone has become essential as cryptocurrency starts to acquire significant traction. Similar to other modern digital currencies, crypto also incorporates blockchain technology. Although its decentralized nature has frequently raised questions, its numerous advantages in facilitating simpler, more open, and quicker transactions have drawn many companies and organizations to look at the issue.

There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms accessible nowadays. They might support trading and exchanging a variety of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. Blockchain technology has received similar buzz for opening the way for a technologically sophisticated transactional solution as cryptocurrency, which is considered to be the future.

Workflow Of WazirX Clone P2P Exchange In Detail

Having said that, it seems pretty obvious why a WazirX clone script would be created. So let's start with the workflow, which will serve as the foundation for developing the app. Typically, an application's workflow outlines the sequential actions users are expected to take in order to access the platform and its services. The remainder of the is constructed using this similar method.

Step 1: Register

Users must first register using their phone number or email address. They will need to enter all the necessary information to sign up for the platform's service and gain access to a personal digital wallet.

Step 2: Payment Options

On the other hand, the seller has published their bids. They can limit their offerings based on the type of currency, the rate of exchange, and the variety of accepted payment methods. It is crucial to include at least a few payment options so users can access the service without restriction.

Step 3: Notifications

Any time buyers appear to be interested in an offer made by any seller, they can let them know. If the seller believes the deal will be profitable, they take a similar move. The WazirX Clone Script advertising allows the customer to choose an appropriate solution.

Step 4: Authentication

A chat head will appear as soon as the buyer approves the transaction, allowing the two parties to continue their conversation privately. Before making a payment, they might haggle over the offers and deals to reach an amicable agreement.

Step 5: Payment

The buyer will be asked to make the payment after they have consented. They select one of the several payment options offered on the platform, then they pay the required sum.

Step 6: Transfer

The admin opens the escrows once the seller confirms the transaction. The user's wallet is immediately credited with the specified quantity of cryptocurrency.

Vital Features For A WazirX Clone

The WazirX Clone's complete workflow serves as the foundation upon which features and other elements are added to give it a finished appearance. A user and an admin are the two main players in a P2P cryptocurrency trading program. Both buyers and sellers are included in the user.

WazirX Clone User App Features

On the platform, the buyer and the seller are both on the lookout for advantages. The buyer seeks the best price for themself, while the seller wants to sell their coins to the highest bidder. Because there are numerous buyers and sellers on the platform, it is simpler for each party to consider various options before making a decision.

Margin Trading

In today's cryptocurrency market, margin trading is a common technique. People might borrow money to secure their crypto assets if they want to expand the amount they own. Given the high demand from users, this feature can be added to the WazirX clone.

Manual Trading

The most crucial aspect of margin trading is manual trading, despite its sophisticated features. It stands to reason that users would engage in personal trade on a platform that facilitates currency exchange and trading. Personal transactions, as opposed to random trades, can be carried out manually.

Trade Search

The user can utilize this function to look for various bargains on the platform. They can use it to locate a receiver and do manual trade. They may also utilize the search box to check for bargains and offers that have been posted publicly on the WazirX clone. 

Real-Time Pricing

Users are continuously updated in real time about price changes. Buyers must be made aware of any potential changes in cryptocurrency exchange rates so they can decide whether to buy or sell if the price has gone above their price range. Even the concept of trading uses probability.

Multiple Coin Support

There are several cryptocurrencies on the market, and a select few of them are incredibly well-known. Even if you lack the patience to add all currencies, the WazirX Clone Software needs to feature a few that your audience could be interested in.

KYC / AML Verification

Verification is required for an app platform that deals with financial transactions. Any transactional websites are in fact a prime target for crimes like fraud and theft, thus safety measures must be put in place right away. If the business has a history of engaging in fraud, this might be extremely damaging to its reputation. Most platforms do KYC and AML checks, which cover financial transactions.

Trading Bot

The buying and selling parties are prompted to begin trading conversations by the trading bot, an autonomous bot. It places a strong emphasis on the trading process and makes every effort to increase profitability.


Immediately following registration, the user receives access to a digital wallet to use as they begin their journey on the WazirX Clone Software. This wallet will be used for all transactions and exchanges the user makes. Any withdrawal or deposit updates the wallet instantly and may give the user a real-time notification.

IEO Launchpad

Technically speaking, crypto coins are connected to the IEO launchpad. Trading in cryptocurrency tokens is frequently done to raise money for a company or account.

Payment Gateway

A registered bank account must be used to transmit actual money for the purchase of cryptocurrency coins. As a result, the purchaser must first link their bank account. After making the transaction, clients must use one authorized payment channel to transmit the agreed-upon amount from their bank account directly to the vendor.

Features of the WazirX Clone Admin Panel

The WazirX Clone Script admin is accountable for all actions made on the site, just like any other admin. They are responsible for overseeing both the platform's overall operations and its content. The administration can carry out the assigned tasks thanks to the following features.

Centralized Dashboard

In the world of app development, the centralized dashboard functionality is becoming more and more popular. It is vital for the admin to have a more centralized choice to examine all of these managerial capabilities and rapidly access each function because they must switch between various management features. Additionally, the dashboard shows important statistics and analytics that the admin needs every day.

Currency Activation

The platform's admin has the authority to add new cryptocurrencies. The admin has the authority to temporarily or even fully incorporate a currency if they believe it to be required, even though a modern platform may already have the necessary currency options.

OTP Verification

The WazirX Clone admin keeps track of and oversees every transaction. Every time a transaction takes place, the platform produces an OTP for verification purposes. The administrator personally confirms it before approving the transaction.

Order Management

The admin panel is a requirement for all orders placed via the platform. They have access to the number of total orders, can monitor the progress, and much more.

Commission Management

The administrator oversees the commission that the seller and the app received. To avoid legal issues, it is decided upon before the transaction and might even be codified under company policies.


The admin panel can be modified by the admin. Similar to the dashboard, the panel offers functions that the administrator prioritizes, and the administrator may also modify specific account information. Some of these will be made accessible to the public via the platform.

Security Options For A WazirX Clone

WazirX Clone must adhere to high safety and security standards for a platform that relies on transactions. There are a few security elements that have been added to this. Here is a list of these attributes.

Two Factor Authentication

Both parties can agree to a transaction and be on the same page thanks to the two-factor authentication features. In order to enable security during the onboarding process, it can also be incorporated into the registration process.

Asymmetric Encryption

Asymmetric encryption is a characteristic that aids in maintaining the secrecy of cryptocurrency transactions. It maintains the cryptocurrency industry's element of secrecy.

Email Verification

The WazirX Clone mostly employs email verification for onboarding. It is popular right now and has produced results that are productive.

Escrow Enabled Wallet

Through an escrow wallet, every transaction on the site is processed. They are regarded as secure options, and crypto coins are only sent after confirmation.

HTTP Authentication

HTTP authentication secures a website from any potential threats or network connection weaknesses. There isn't any other solution to this.


The creation of the WazirX clone script involves several stages. Once you've assembled everything, you'll need to make sure the program is operating the way you expected it to. If adjustments are necessary, do them with a lot of confidence. You can release the app for general use after everything is functioning as you want it to.

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