Everything you Know about Chadar Frozen River Trek

Posted by Moustache Escapes on November 26th, 2022

Every adrenaline junkie has the Chadar Trek on their bucket list since it is one of the most stunning treks in the world. This trek's main difficulty is the extremely cold weather because it involves crossing the frozen Zanskar River.

The right kind of preparation, however, makes trekking here simple and one of the most thrilling experiences of your life.

To assist (guide) you in getting ready for this amazing journey, here is a list of general questionnaires:

The ideal season for the Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek can only be done in January and February. The Zanskar River freezes into a thick sheet of ice as a result of the sharp drop in temperature, making the Chadar Trek the thrilling ice trail you were seeking.

Daytime and nighttime temperatures during the Chadar Frozen River Trek

Daytime lows typically hover around minus 10. The temperature drops to 20 to 25 below zero in the evening.

Can novices participate in the Chadar Trek?

No, the Chadar frozen river trek is only for seasoned hikers with a history of enduring extreme physical and mental strain.

Expected level of fitness needed for this expedition

Extreme endurance, stamina, and above-average physical and mental health are requirements for this thrilling adventure. Chadar Trek is the most challenging trek in India despite having little elevation gain due to the severe weather and crossing a frozen river.

Because it takes you outside of your comfort zone and through the snow desert, the walk is difficult yet enjoyable. Though traversing this route on foot is challenging, it is possible with advance planning. Two to three months before to the expedition, start preparing yourself physically and emotionally. Not to mention acclimatisation, which helps the body adjust to harsh weather conditions.

How should I get ready for the Chadar Trek Ladakh?

Maintaining physical fitness is essential for the duration of this journey. It is essential to start training for it two to three months beforehand, or at the very least, to exercise every day for a month. On the Chadar Trek, daily practise walking 5 km in 25–30 minutes is also crucial. Combine walking with climbing, lunges and squats, and 40-second breath holds.

appropriate attire The right layers and equipment must be purchased. It's hard to survive in the cold, therefore dressing in the right layers is essential. It becomes very risky to stay alive on this trek without the proper protection from the elements.

Pack Wisely: This hike involves a lot of daily walking, as was already mentioned. You may walk farther and quicker without hurting your back or shoulders if you are light and carrying a light bag.

Prepare your mind: The Chadar trek is difficult for the weak of heart since it is a mentally taxing trip. It will be difficult, so have your mind ready to spend a long time in the cold. You need to take charge of this situation by doing things like cleaning your dishes, braving the weather, and setting up camp. This trek contains mentally demanding adventures, so you must be mentally fit to complete it.

Bathroom and toilet facilities while trekking in Chadar

On the Chadar hike, there are restrooms, yes. Our dry toilet tents are accessible for when nature calls.

Tent and sleeping bag options for this hike

The fact that sleeping bags and tents are included in the Chadar Frozen River Trek Package is the finest thing about doing the trek with Moustache Escapes. Siachen double-layer sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and air-breathable 4-season camping tents are given for use during the hike.

Snow gear to bring with you on this hike

The best footwear for navigating the snow are gumboots, which are available for rent at the Leh market.

In Ladakh, are you looking for a solo Chadar trek?

Whether you are trekking with Moustache Escapes or another company, they always advise against doing the Chadar ice river trip alone. primarily as a result of harsh weather. However, travelling in groups is safe because you'll have the benefit of the company of more seasoned hikers. We welcome any female solo traveller or solo hiker to join our groups of 6–8 other hikers. It gives me security and comfort.

What water options are there that can be consumed?

The Zanskar River water has all been boiled and is safe to drink. You must fill your thermal flask with hot water only when hiking. The trekkers will be informed by the trek leader if hot water is available. Every trekker who demands hot water won't be able to get it. We advise that each trekker fill their thermal flask once the hot water is ready. Bring along your insulated water bottle.

Now that you have the entire list in front of you, put your worries aside, gather all the gear you'll need, and get ready to set out on a stress-free journey along the frozen Zanskar River amidst the breathtaking Himalayan scenery.

Happy Trekking!!

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