What Is Parental Time-Sharing in Florida and How Does It Work?

Posted by Ajay Garg on November 28th, 2022

Navigating the many details of a divorce can be difficult for a couple. Involving children in the legal sea of details is overwhelming as well. One of the biggest decisions parents must make when seeking a divorce is how they will divide their time as they share custody of their children. 

Child Custody: Parental Time-Sharing 

As parents navigate the legal proceedings of divorce---dividing assets, managing finances, and splitting up properties and possessions, one very emotional subject that causes many couples to seek mediation is the issue of child custody. Known as parental time-sharing in the state of Florida, this issue is a hot-button aspect of divorce proceedings that is best navigated with the advice of a knowledgable lawyer. 

Florida laws regarding child custody in Boynton Beach encourage both parents to take an active role in parenting time with their children, even after separation. Due to the fact that some parents don't have a schedule that permits equal time, some couples need to work out alternative time-sharing arrangements that work for everyone involved. 

Time-Sharing Alternatives 

Some of the more common 50/50 time-sharing schedules include: 

Alternate Weeks

During an alternate weeks schedule, one of the parents spends the entire week with the children, and the other parent spends the next week with them. These weeks allow for the children to follow a more consistent schedule for school and other activities, provided that parents have worked out details ahead of time to make sure that children are getting what they need from week to week. 

3--4--4--3 Schedule 

Parents form a rotation with the children where one parent has three days with, four days without the children. On alternating weeks, that same parent has four days with, then three days without the children. 

2--2--5--5 Schedule 

Although some families find this arrangement difficult to follow, the 2--2--5--5-- rotation works well for others. Parents alternate having children for two days each, then they have alternating five day rotations before beginning the cycle all over again. 

When 50/50 Doesn't Work 

Try as they might, some parents do not find the 50/50 schedule sustainable for the long term. In these cases, working out a 60/40 or even 70/30 arrangement is appropriate if it is determined that one parent cannot spend a lot of time with the children. Talk to an experienced attorney to determine which time-sharing situation works best for you and your family. 

Do Florida Courts Have To Approve Time-Sharing Agreements? 

When two parents file for divorce in Florida, they are required by law to present a parenting plan for court approval. They must obtain approval on the following items:

  • When and where children will be each day
  • How parents will divide all responsibilities and obligations
  • Communication plan that involves the needs of the children
  • Who will have primary responsibilities for decision making on behalf of the children 

Contacting an experienced child custody lawyer in Boynton Beach will give you a good idea of what is required to set up a solid time-sharing plan that will ultimately yield court approval. Custody plans and other divorce details are difficult enough to navigate through; obtaining trusted legal counsel to help you wade through those waters will make everything come together more smoothly. 

Pyfrom & Reisler, PA: Experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Boynton Beach 

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