Is there any limitation regarding Umrah in Ramadan 2023?

Posted by Muminah Tannous on November 28th, 2022

As we know, Ramadan has great importance for all Muslims from all over the world. Every Muslim wishes to perform Umrah in this blessed month. Many pilgrims undertake a holy journey to Makkah during the holy month of Ramadan. During the last two years, the Saudi government applied many limitations on the pilgrims due to Covid-19, such as an age limit, PCR tests, a 2-week quarantine, etc. However, For Umrah 2022, the Saudi authorities lifted numerous restrictions on the pilgrims. So, in this context, consider this topic to know more information, “Is there any limitation regarding Umrah in Ramadan 2023?”    

Muslims can travel to Makkah for the Umrah at any time of the year, unlike the Hajj, which has specific dates based on the Islamic lunar calendar. Umrah is the shortened version of the Hajj.

According to the latest announcement of the Saudi government, anyone with tourist and business visas is permitted to undertake Umrah while in Saudi Arabia. So, tourists can avail the benefit of tours to other cities of the Saudi Kingdom as well as performing Umrah. Additionally, the Saudi government has allowed women to perform Umrah without any Mahram.

What is Ramadan?

Muslims all across the world observe Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, as the time for fasting, prayer, reflection, and community.

When Ramadan is in 2023?

In the UK, Ramadan 2023 will start in the evening of

Tuesday, 21 March

And ends in the evening of

Thursday, 20 April 

Umrah in Ramadan

Nothing compares to the pleasure and spiritual experience of visiting Makkah and Medina during the holy month of fasting, and performing Umrah during Ramadan is a unique event. 

Umrah in Ramadan is more expensive than Umrah on other days. However, ten times as many visas are issued during this merciful month as there are throughout the other months of the Islamic Calendar. 

Additionally, it is believed that performing good deeds during Ramadan will reap multiple benefits and that Umrah is equivalent to the Hajj according to a Sahih Hadith. The bounties Allah Almighty bestows on believers during this month are limitless. So that’s why people book their Ramadan Umrah Packages to get uncountless rewards.

Limitations – regarding Umrah in Ramadan 2023

Every Muslim aspires to make the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah once in their lifetime. In order to perform this holy journey to Makkah, there are no limitations on pilgrims.

Before the attack of the pandemic Covid-19 on the world, Muslims from all over the world performed Umrah without any restriction. But this pandemic had affected badly on the daily routine of the entire world. International flights were closed during this era. In this way, Hajj and Umrah flights were also closed due to the pandemic Covid-19.

In this terrible situation, the Saudi government applied many limitations on the pilgrims, especially foreign pilgrims. Only 18 to 65 aged fully vaccinated pilgrims could travel to Makkah for making Umrah. These pilgrims were obliged to Corona negative PCR tests, social distancing, wear masks on their faces, a 2-week quarantine, etc.

However, For Umrah 2022, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah lifted many limitations on the pilgrims to perform Umrah. They are not obliged to wear masks, maintain social distancing, negative PCR tests for Corona, and a 2-week quarantine. So, pilgrims can perform Umrah without any age restriction or any other restriction regarding health, whether during Ramadan or any other month.

The validity of Umrah the Umrah has been increased by Saudi Arabian government from 30 to 90 days. With this new arrangement, pilgrims are free to travel anywhere they want within Saudi Arabia. During their stay, pilgrims can easily travel by train, bus, or car between Makkah and Medina or any other city throughout the kingdom without the need for a separate tourist visa. If a traveller coming on a visit visa is required to have health insurance to cover any Covid-19-related medical expenses incurred while they are abroad.  

So, according to the latest information regarding Umrah, pilgrims are allowed to perform Umrah without any limitation in Ramadan 2023 as well as other months of the next year 2023.

Are women allowed to perform Umrah without a Mahram?

A woman may now perform Umrah without a mahram, according to an announcement from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. 

Additionally, allowing women to undertake Umrah without the requirement of a mahram offers convenience to those ladies who are ready to complete the small pilgrimage. To ensure the safety and protection of women, security has also been boosted throughout the Kingdom, on all modes of transportation, and at ports. Moreover, a strong infrastructure has been developed in legislation, including an anti-harassment system. 

One such instance is the requirement for surveillance cameras in important places, such as airports, border crossing points, the Grand Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and others. Since ladies can make their pilgrimages without a mahram, or male guardian, these facilities ensure women’s safety.       

What to do before performing Umrah during Ramadan?

Every Muslim goes to Makkah and believes that they are entitled to undertake the entire Umrah. Before performing Umrah during Ramadan or any other month, there are a number of things you should be aware of and accomplish:

Visa Validity Saudi Arabia issues pilgrims with a specific visa for Umrah travel to Makkah. They have 3 months or 90 days from the date of issuance to explore this sacred city on the basis of this visa.

When a traveller uses a single-entry tourist visa to perform Umrah, the visa is valid for three months. The maximum period of time to stay is 30 days. While the multiple-entry visa is valid for Umrah for a full year. The maximum stay is allowed for 90 days.


  • Hotel and Flight

Seasonal variations in prices are possible. To avoid the last-minute hassle, it is best to make the bookings far in advance.

  • Umrah Rituals

It is crucial to communicate with scholars who can offer advice on performing Umrah if you are offering Umrah for the first time. The main Umrah rituals should be understood by pilgrims, along with the do and don't.


  • Spiritual and Physical Readiness 

Umrah during Ramadan is more than just another trip. It is a journey that demands both physical and spiritual preparation. Many pilgrims face hot, humid weather while travelling great distances. Being well, eating healthy foods, and having a strong devotion to Allah Almighty are essential.

  • Places to visit

Pilgrims must not skip visiting other religiously significant sites in Makkah while they are there. Depending on the length of the trip, a few locations can probably be visited with careful planning.


The happiness and spiritual experience of travelling to Makkah and Medina during the holy month of fasting is incomparable, and making the Umrah during Ramadan is an unforgettable journey.

Due to Covid-19, the Saudi government has implemented numerous restrictions on the pilgrims during the last two years, including an age restriction, Corona negative PCR tests, a 2-week quarantine, etc. However, the Saudi authorities removed a number of limitations for Umrah 2022. Pilgrims can now undertake Umrah without any age limit or other limitations regarding the pandemic Covid-19. So you can easily book your Ramadan Umrah Package and perform all rituals without any limitations.

The Saudi government has allowed women to perform Umrah without a mahram. To ensure the safety of solo ladies, the Saudi authorities have been taking many steps, such as putting surveillance cameras in main tourist spots. 

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