The Goatman, Alabama [Now in English and Spanish]

Posted by Elijah on November 30th, 2022

"Don't ask me why, Mr. Soderman, but that's what he was doing while he sat in the bookstore with a pen in his hand, thinking about goats. He was also reading through some magazines and talking about constructing a goat ranch.

Mark Costello remarked, "He signed the papers for the purchase of 4,000 acres in Alabama;

he's also going to build a fence around it, but its all on paper, at the bookstore, on napkins first he wrote it out, then he pulled out some official papers from his briefcase, yup, that is exactly what he did, abogados de familia en español Mr. Soderman.

"He underlined the term "land" in a magazine that contained a few images of the acreage in Alabama, which he had apparently never seen. He then made a call on his cell phone, spoke to the person on the other end, and instructed them to erect a fence around the property. Like everything would then take care of itself. It's ridiculous that he lives in Minnesota while the land is in Alabama.

"Because it matches what he bought and described to the customer over the phone.

I presume the drawings he made on the napkins helped him figure out what kind of fence he wanted. However, there I was at his green table, and here I am talking to you, and there he was looking at all this stuff, sight unseen, and I asked him: "How can you do this—buy a goat ranch, sight unseen; how do you know things will be ok, work out as you are planning them?" Funny, I wasn't hungry, I just kind of looked; anyhow there I was at his green table, and here I am talking to you.

Did you ever consider that perhaps the devil himself doesn't want this land?

"I made sure to tell him that, Mr. Soderman, and he simply looked at me without expressing any concern or expressing it in any other way, not even by twitching his nose or raising an eyebrow. He gave me a blank stare before picking up a pen and beginning to write checks. Yes, the property, the goats, and the fence have all been checked.

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