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Posted by Nationwide Immigration Services on December 2nd, 2022

Immigrants from India and across the world apply for Canada PR Visa in several thousand as it has emerged as a popular immigration destination. Moreover, India is today the top source of highly skilled workers and professionals in Canada. The reason is quite evident as Canada offers a blend of an urban advanced economy and a relaxed rural lifestyle.

Canada as a nation offers you opportunities for professional advancement while also upholding a work-life balance. You can also offer quality education and healthcare to your family in Canada. Immigration to Canada is thus increasing every year due to several advantages.

General Steps involved while you apply for Canada PR Visa

Determine the Canadian immigration program

The first and foremost and very important step in immigration to Canada is determining the immigration program for application. It can be truly challenging to make the choice as 100 plus immigration programs are offered by Canada.

Every immigration program has specific criteria for eligibility and a unique application process involving specific documents. Thus, much care and thought process is required while selecting the immigration program for a PR Visa application.

Keep your documents ready

Documents for immigration include all your certificates, credentials, and application forms. Diverse records that will help you in supporting your claim for receiving PR Visa are also required. The website of the Canadian government offers an exhaustive list of documents required for Visa application based on the immigration program. 

Give your biometrics at the nearest center

During the process of application for a Canada PR Visa, you have to offer your biometrics including your photographs and fingerprints. If you have submitted your biometrics earlier for any application, you must confirm if they are still valid for the fresh application.

You are required to make payment of the biometric fees while filing your application. A letter that confirms the appointment for submission of your biometrics will be sent to you. It will also offer instructions regarding the place of recording your biometrics.

Fill in all the necessary forms

The Visa application process requires you to fill out several forms based on the immigration program you have chosen. You must cautiously fill out all the required forms with full accuracy. This is because a small error like a typo can adversely impact your immigration process and can even cause application refusal.  

Submit your application

You are required to confirm the method for submitting your application here. It will vary based on your chosen immigration program for Visa application.

Wait for results

The final step requires you patiently and optimistically wait for the decision on your application after successfully completing all the specified steps.

Steps for Canada PR Application - Express Entry

Create Express Entry Profile

You have to first confirm if you are eligible for any one of the 3 immigration programs under Express Entry. If you qualify you can create a profile in Express Entry System.

Obtain your CRS Score

You will be offered a score according to the Comprehensive Ranking System after you create your profile.

Wait for the Selection Draw

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada holds selection draws under Express Entry usually once in 2 weeks. Candidates with the highest CRS score are prioritized.

Obtain an Invitation to Apply

If you score higher than or equal to the CRS cut-off for the specific draw, you will be offered the Invitation to Apply - ITA from IRCC. You have a time period of 2 months to complete your final PR Visa application after receiving ITA.

Obtain your Police and Medical certificate

You will have to get Police Clearance and Medical Clearance certificate from the respective authorities for completing the application process.

File final PR Visa Application

You can submit the final Visa application after you arrange the necessary documents. It has to be ensured that all the specified documents are in accurate order before filing the application. You will also have to make payment of the specified fee for the Visa application.

Get Canada PR status

After submission of your final application, it will be mostly processed within 6 months. You will get the Confirmation of Permanent Residence or COPR if your application is approved by IRCC. You can arrive in Canada after receiving COPR. Later, you can get affixed your PR status on your passport at the port of entry after arrival.

If you are looking for Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Nigeria or India, get in touch with ICCRC-accredited Immigration Experts at Nationwide Visas. Canada has multiple immigration programs that offer PR Visas and determining the perfect and accurate pathway for application is very vital. Moreover, each program has a unique application process and documentation.

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