Infinite LTE Data Provides Unlimited Hotspot Plans for Lightning Fast Internet

Posted by Marketer's Center on December 3rd, 2022

Saturday December 3, 2022 – Internet surfers and TV streamers are switching to Infinite LTE Data, where their competitive unlimited hotspot plans are proving exceptionally popular.


Their high-speed WIFI internet is supported by the new Omega hotspot device, which enables users to connect up to 15 devices and stream their favorite TV shows and movies to their heart’s content.


Infinite LTE Data has designed several plans to fit the lifestyle of clients. They are proud to offer v-SIM hotspot data plans for home, business and on-the-go, using all three major cellular networks within a single plan. Now users can have reliable high-speed wireless internet wherever they are.


One of their most popular packages is their unlimited LTE plan. This offers unlimited data, 4G LTE speeds, and connects to all major cellular networks. Retailing at 5 per month, startup costs require the 1st month’s service fee, a 1-time activation fee, and either the device purchase price or the 1st month’s lease fee.


Their plans offer lightning fast 4G speeds, enabling the quickest streaming of your favorite movies with no buffering! Their mobile hotspots work on the fastest-growing LTE networks, and there are no binding contracts or termination fees.


The beauty of the plan is that you can use the mobile hotspot at home, at the office or on the go. Perfect for traveling on vacation or business trips.


The mobile hotspot plans that the carriers offer, which are not tied to a fixed location, do not stack up to the offerings from Infinite LTE Data. Firstly, Infinite LTE Data offers virtual sim technology that allows the virtual sim device to use both of the cellular networks that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile utilize for their cellular connectivity. These are the GSM and CDMA networks. 


Infinite LTE Data’s virtual sim devices are authorized and engineered to find automatically (and can also be manually set) to find the strongest and most stable LTE bands on these networks. So, customers are not tied to just one cellular network with our virtual sim offerings.


Additionally, their 4G LTE/5G priority data allotments for the monthly cost are far better than what the major carriers offer. Plan offerings from Infinite LTE Data offer very high-usage customers a real option for all internet activities while on the go.


Importantly, Infinite LTE Data can back up its claims with 5-star testimonials from highly-satisfied clients. “They answered all my questions before I signed up. And so far has held up to what they told me. Unlike 3 previous companies I worked with. A+++++ you guys keep up the good work,” commented Steven Hoss.


Deborah Henderson added: “We live on a boat and for obvious reasons we can’t have normal cable internet. Hot spots through our mobile devices was all we had and it wasn’t cutting it for a family of 4 living full time on a boat. I finally found Infinite LTE Data and purchased their unlimited wifi. It has been the perfect answer to our needs. Daily we have multiple devices running on the internet and have fast speeds and no issues. Love it.”


For more information about Infinite LTE Data plans:


Phone: 505-926-1725




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