The storyline that's going on in 7.2.5 is a bit more timeless.

Posted by wang on December 5th, 2022

In light of how huge 7.2 was Did you feel an extra pressure to WOTLK Gold produce more in the next patch? Or do you feel like it gives you the space to simply focus on the class changes and the sorts of things you'd like to see from the .5 patches in the first place?

I'm not sure what's the source of the "pressure" which we feel. As WoW's development continues, our team has gotten larger and our efficiency's likely grown, too, so patches have tended to get larger as the time goes by. But that doesn't mean every patch has to be bigger than the one before it. 7.2.5 certainly isn't more than 7.2. but it was never intended to be. It's more an opportunity for exploring other regions of Azeroth that aren't as closely associated with those in the Legion storyline. 7.2 was the story of the attack on The Broken Shore and the Legionfall campaign, which is very much in the story of Legion as they work alongside Illidan and fighting the Legion.

The storyline that's going on in 7.2.5 is a bit more timeless. You're working with Chromie and she's hardly at all within Dalaran. She's in Wyrmrest and is in Northrend Therefore, this information, as well as other things we've seen in other smaller patches such as that of Brawlers Guild, aren't directly tied to Legion. This means that they'll be around for longer, or at minimum, longer. The chances are that you won't be playing the Legionfall campaign any time soon, or even two expansions down the line, but you'll still be able to do the Chromie scenario or play through some of the other micro-holidays, or something similar to that.

What's the response to micro-holidays been? I'm guessing it's been six months after they've launched. Do you have plans to expand those even further? Is there a certain point at which you feel there are too many?

We're still sort of feeling out of the space. Some of the answers to those questions -- how frequently they buy WOTLK Gold should occur and the number we need to have responses have been positive. It varied from one micro holiday to the next. Some were more popular with players in their respective micro-holidays than others. It was mostly to do with just how long the mini-holiday lasted or, in other cases, just how far away and hard it is for people to get there.

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