Can Newborn Photography in Maternity Work? Check out these tips!

Posted by All Around Moving on December 5th, 2022

Newborn photography has become a success in recent years, after all, all mothers and fathers want to have memories of the best time of their little ones: when they are still newborns.

 However, for those who believe that newborn photography can only be done after discharge from the maternity ward, in a photo studio or in the baby's room, they are sadly mistaken. The professional photographer can get excellent images of newborn photography in the maternity ward  and, with that, generate incredible memories of the exact time of birth and the baby's first moments.

 Capturing all the details of the newborn's first hours in the maternity ward is an interesting technique, as the baby's parents can be very emotional and not be able to visualize everything that happens, so a professional photographer can be a great ally to bring another perspective to these images.

 In addition, mom can't enjoy all this moment either. She is in a maternity hospital receiving care and preparations so that she can be discharged and this can disrupt the mother-child experience a little in the first few hours. With newborn baby photoshoot woodlands in the maternity ward she will be able to recapture these moments, especially when the newborn is out of her reach.

 1. Don't miss the first look

 The most important moment of newborn photography in the maternity ward is undoubtedly the mother's first look at the baby . At that time, a series of emotions are transmitted and all feelings are translated from one to the other.

 Remember mommy waited nine months to meet you, this boils down to anxiety, struggle, discomfort and all the emotion a pregnancy can bring. Although, this point may look similar in all pregnancies, the first look is different for every woman .

 Capture the eyes of mother and newborn, an unmissable and touching image for any viewer. Likewise, this is a must-have photo if you want to please your customers.

 2. The first touch is important

 Just like the first look, the touch also sums up a range of emotions with just one image. How this photo will look can change, some mothers immediately want to hug their baby, others are stopped for a brief moment of observation and so on.

 Just make sure this moment feels warm, sweet, soft and true. Make clear in this newborn photograph the mother's touch on her baby , the skin contact, all the love of the moment, kisses, joy, that is, pure happiness.

 Perhaps, for this type of newborn photography you need some extra authorization from the maternity hospital , check in advance with the management and the doctor himself if this image can be captured. If necessary, instruct your clients to obtain the necessary clearance from the hospital for you to do your work smoothly.

 3. Everything is new

 Newborn photography in the maternity ward is so special, as it allows you to record the first moments of the newborn , the first look, touch, cry, scream, gestures, etc. However, you will only have one opportunity to record each of these things, so make the most of it.

 Record the baby's complete moments, especially the child's contact with the nurses, the care that the newborn needs, after all, he is extremely vulnerable. These are the first contacts, gestures, so capture them!

 4. Don't capture the first bath

 While newborn photography is meant to capture the newborn's first reactions, the first bath isn't one of the most enticing things to keep in your mind. The baby has just come out of mommy's belly to a whole new place and the first bath is not something very pleasant for him.

 Likewise, there will be thousands of other opportunities to record this moment and also everything will happen so fast, so it will be almost impossible to capture this moment properly.

 Therefore, it is only recommended to capture the first bath if the baby's parents insist, otherwise do not do it . This might be one of those newborn photography images that doesn't make any sense and just takes up space in the photo book.

 5. Feet will never be so small

 The baby's toes are so cute that it's the first thing that catches anyone's attention. Because of this, you need to take advantage of this moment, because they will never be as small as they are today.

 On the other hand, the identification stripe is usually placed in this region of the baby's body, it serves to relate him to his mother. However, in a more philosophical view, it is the first badge that this child receives in life, her first achievement after 9 months of pregnancy.

 Make sure this is something parents want to remember forever and keep in their newborn photo album. So, capture these incredible moments that make differences in size and sense of proportion clear to future viewers of your newborn photography studio woodlands tx.

 6. There are unique details in this phase

 Baby 's first records in the maternity ward can also yield excellent images for your newborn photography. I mean, her name card is a piece of her story and tells you everything there is to know about her, like her resume.

 Most likely the baby's parents will want to keep this in their baby book. His weight, length, date of birth, doctor, and how he likes his drinks will be written on the chart attached to the crib, another piece of his birth story. Also capture them to compose your newborn photo in the maternity ward.

 7. Don't Forget Dad

 For some reason, newborn photography is always about the mother and her baby, if the photographer is not careful, he may end up leaving the father aside and that is not interesting. The only way to avoid this is to take the time to capture photos of the proud dad .

 Remember that the mother did not go through the pregnancy alone, most of the time, the father was by her side, supporting her and dealing with a series of factors related to the pregnancy. So far it has been going strong and it's not over yet, so it would be interesting to connect it to the baby right at birth through newborn photography.

 Don't be surprised if he gets emotional at any moment, simply grab the digital camera and capture these tender moments.

 8. Escape the mess in the bedroom

 A birth is always the focus of celebration for any family, which means that the room will receive numerous visits, doctors, relatives and so on. Although this is part of newborn photography at times, it would be good for you to capture some more peaceful photos of the baby.

 To do so, take advantage of the quieter hours of the maternity ward, usually in the afternoon, when the sun is shining in the room. The baby is satisfied, happy, and sleeping, photograph this view.

 9. The brothers are proud

 If the newborn is lucky enough to have an older brother or sister , be sure to capture their first reaction as well. When we talk about children a little older, they hear the news of this new brother for months, but sometimes they don't quite understand what it means, the first contact, however, will help them to understand everything. The older brother can also surprise you with his tender and sensitive gaze.

 10. Childbirth is a miracle

 The one thing that can be said about labor and delivery is that no two experiences are exactly alike. For the mother in labor, time can stand still, while for others it can move very quickly.

 The truth, however, is that memories are a blur. The contraction, pain, changes in the body, nervousness, anxiety and the anaesthesia itself make it difficult for mom to fully remember the moment.

 It is up to the professional photographer to record this moment completely, as long as he is prepared for it. Every gesture, mom's expression, medical team and baby's birth can yield a breathtaking newborn photograph, you just need to be attentive and take advantage of every opportunity .

 For most women this is the most important moment of their lives, so help them document it and keep valuable memories of that moment by photographing everything you can. Don't forget to record the mother's point of view at the time of delivery, after all she wants to preserve her own memories.

 Position yourself behind mom's shoulders, photograph what is happening in the room. From this perspective, you see the mother and the delivery of the team, it will also capture the actual birth.

 11. Create a story

 All photos want to tell some story , it will not be different with the newborn photography in the maternity ward. Turn each image into a part of the story, like a puzzle that in the end conveys all the feeling of the moment.

 Newborn photography in the maternity ward has many images that can be used in addition to birth photos. Observe what's going on around you and don't forget to capture the details that tell the whole story.

 Look at the scene, capture the entire room to give a sense of place. Then start focusing on the details of the room and get closer and closer. By doing this, you create a story, it gives a sense of continuity, of something connected. Abuse it!

 12. Put things in order

 If we agree that you're going to tell a story, you need to do it right . Stories usually have a chronological direction for each event, stating the date and time when each thing occurred.

 Therefore, in your newborn photography in the maternity ward, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Take a picture of the clock when you arrived at the maternity ward;
  • Record the time of onset of labor;
  • Capture a photo from the newspaper, making sure to include the date;
  • Photograph the car that took you to the maternity ward;
  • Save a picture of the sign for the hospital/delivery center; and
  • When the baby is born, take another photo of the clock.

 13. You won't need the flash (most of the time) !

In photography, the flash is the ugliest light known to mankind, it creates distorted shadows and an overly artificial effect , believe me no one will thank you for that! Try to use available light instead of using your camera's flash for newborn maternity photography, as baby's eyes are very sensitive to this burst of light.

 If it's daytime, open a curtain, let some sunlight into the room. At night, try to use as much ambient light as possible. Sometimes you don't have a choice, but given the choice, turn off the flash !

14. There are rules!

As we mentioned elsewhere in this article, some maternity hospitals usually have specific rules for newborn photography , so try to get to know each one of them and explain them to the baby's parents, so they will become aware of their limitations and opportunities in that environment, avoiding future problems.

Following the rules is also important so that your work can be done without interruptions, in addition to making your clients happy and providing future newborn photography business in the maternity ward. If you do everything right, it's very likely that the medical clinic itself will look for you for a partnership, after all, it's not interesting to have a different photographer at each birth, is it?

Before leaving for a newborn photography session in the maternity ward , do it like any other style of photography, get to know the place, the people, the regulations and everything that is interesting for your work. Thus, you will be more confident and at ease to capture the photos effectively.

 This article intended to gather 14 reasons to make newborn photography possible in the maternity ward, as you can see none of them said that this will be easy. However, the chances of capturing stunning photographs right now are one of the biggest reasons for you to adopt this photography style.

 Incorporate these tips and you'll capture every moment that tells the story of killer newborn photography. A documentary that captures the beauty and emotion of the unique child birth of her experience, a treasure to be treasured throughout her life.

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