Best 15 Vue UI component Libraries and Frameworks to Consider in 2023

Posted by Sphinx Solution on December 5th, 2022

JavaScript is a popular programming language used since the 90s. The reason is its dynamic features and tools that help in developing UIs and single-page applications with ease. 

JavaScript framework, Vue.js, is one of the most progressive and widely used frameworks. It can easily break down a website page into various elements. 

However, by utilizing different UI component libraries, you can make this process even easier. There are many Vue component libraries in the market that you can use in the development process.

Here, in this blog, we will tell you the best Vue component libraries and frameworks that you can consider utilizing in 2023.

Best Vue UI frameworks and component libraries for 2023 

In this section, we will tell you in detail about the best Vuejs frameworks and libraries for 2023.

  1. VUX 

Vux is one of the top mobile UI Vue component libraries developed in China. It includes many features from the WebUI.

The main drawback of this library is that VUX developers cannot identify the regular issues because of the absence of a management team. 

However, this issue is identified by the community hub. Instead of installing the whole component package, you can install its components as per your specific needs to lower the issue.

  1. Quasar 

Quasar is a performance-based Vue framework that helps to create Vue UIs. It has launched nearly all its Version-1 elements, directives, and plugins. Additionally, it has also launched composables that help developers to more about the Quasar API. 

Quasar is well established on Github and has a significant community in Twitter and Discord. The highlight of Quasar you can use it as a UI framework to create an application for mobile, desktop, and web platforms. 

  1. Bootstrap Vue 

Bootstrap Vue comes with a potential of both Bookstrap and Vue. This popular CSS library is useful for building mobile first, ARIA accessible, and responsive web projects. It provides you with 45+ accessible plugins, 1000+ icons, many directives, and 85+ components. 

The best feature of Bootstrap Vue is it’s documentation is easy to set up and comprehend. If you want to fasten up the front end of applications then Bootstrap Vue is perfect for it.

Another advantage of utilizing Bootstrap Vue is its active community support that makes it safe to use for creating user interfaces. 

  1. Vuetify 

Vuetify is the best UI library for customizing an application as it has many elegant and dynamic layouts.

This UI library uses the material design specification and its each component is crafted to be highly responsive, efficient, and modular. 

Vuetify is good to use to make the styles of your components match with the SASS libraries. Additionally, it is compatible with Vue CLI-3 and works with all modern browsers and accessibility instructions.

With Vuetify, you get basic templates for Apache Cordorva, Electron, PWA, NUXT, A La Carte, Webpack, and Simple HTML.

  1. Element Plus 

Element Plus has a wide range of modest components to Vue 3.  If you are looking for a library to build a complex application then Element Plus is a good choice. 

Element Plus provides you with easy animations, mature time and date pickers, calendar elements, timelines and time.

It is one of the most known Vue 3 UI frameworks. There are many benefits of using this library such as instant updates, high customizability through SCSS variables, and pluggable elements.

  1. Anti Design Vue 

Ant Design Vue is based on Ant Design specification. This Vue UI library comes with high quality demos and elements to build engaging and user-friendly interfaces. 

 It offers many UI elements to enhance your web applications such as statistics, skeleton, drawer and much more.

Recently, they have launched Ant Design Vue Version-2. This upgraded version is simple to use & easy to integrate, small bundle size and also supports Vue 3. Not only this, it also works with electron, server-side rendering, and new website browsers.  

  1. Keen UI 

Keen UI is a lightweight library adapted from Material Design. It has a simple API that aids in the app layout creation.

This Vue library is mainly focused on the interactive elements that utilize JavaScript. You get different components in Keen UI such as UiCheckbox, UiCalender, UiAutocomplete, UiAlert, UiCheckbox, and so on.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide elements like typography, grid system, etc as it’s not a CSS framework.

  1. Equal 

Equal is a TypeScript based UI components framework for Vue 3. This Vue library has a high capacity as it has easy documentation website and distinctive components. 

The only drawback is that it offers an opinionated style and that makes it difficult to personalize than other frameworks.

However, it has a range of components providing best in class Typography with high performance and amazing animations.

  1. PrimeVUE 

PrimeVUE is among the top vuejs frameworks and offers more than 80 components. This Vue UI component library components include passwords forms with sliders, graphs, trees, charts, split buttons, knobs and much more.

PrimeVUE works with former themes and allows access to a full-fledged visual editor that developers can customize as per their need.

Another advantage of utilizing PrimeVUE is that it provides the capacity of integrating a well designed library with Vue 3.

  1. Buefy 

Buefy is counted in the top Vue component libraries. It is Bulma-based and light weight Vue UI component library. You can utilize it to develop aesthetically pleasing applications with minimal coding. 

You can integrate Buefy using CDN or npm. It offers many readily available UI icons, layout and components. Its component use SASS to match up your theme. Also, it supports latest web browsers. 

  1. Ionic Vue 

Ionic Vue is listed in the top Vue UI frameworks and supports best to mobile user interface. The main advantage of this framework is its big Slack channel with a vast community, basic members, enterprise assistance, and plenty StackOverflow questions.

Ionic Vue is popular for its team as they maintain their UI frameworks properly. This is a reason why many organizations and enterprises use Ionic framework for their projects. 

  1. Vuikit 

Vuikit is one of the best open source Vue component libraries that helps in the development of web based UIs. 

It’s a Ulkit-based Vue component library that has Ulkit’s front end features that help in developing responsive UIs easily. It offers various components such as form, icon, grid, breadcrumbs, tabs, tables, and more.

Vuikit supports all the modern browser. It has many default themes and styles that you can customize without affecting the components’ functionalities.

  1. Vuesax 

Vuesax is among the widely used Vue component libraries that makes the front-end programming consistent and effortless. It provides developers with many accessible components that they can customize as per their project’s requirement. 

You can create unique applications with Vuesax. It offers a range of front-end components that you can style independently to create distinct apps. Vuesax is build using JavaScrip, TypeScript, Vue.js, Babel, SASS, and other frameworks.

  1. Fish UI 

Fish UI is out of the commonly used Vue UI frameworks utilized for designing web applications. It is a China based library that’s compatible with different modern browser environments. It also works perfectly with ES2015 and Webpack 2.0.

With Fish UI, you get different components including semantic CSS elements such as Checkbox, Dropdowns, Buttons, Pagination, Menu, Radio, Tables, BackTops, Tag, and so on. 

  1. Chakra UI 

Chakra UI is counted in the best open-source easy modular Vue component libraries. It provides with an array of tools that you can utilize to create Vue applications easily and quickly. 

The components of Chakra UI are themable, composable and work with responsive styles. They are also compatible with dark mode.

Chakra UI Vue has layout components like CStack and CBox which make it even simpler to style your UI components precisely.

The Bottom Line 

By using the Vue component libraries, you can make the development easier and faster. Each Vue UI component library and framework has its advantages and disadvantages.

You must choose the best Vue UI component library and framework based on the requirements of the project. In the above blog, we have given information about different Vue component libraries and frameworks that you can consider utilizing.

Sphinx Solutions is a leading and trusted app development company. Our team of developers is proficient in creating applications using Vue UI component libraries and frameworks.

If you are still doubtful about the best Vue UI library or framework to use for your project. Schedule a call with our consultants and experts to know more and to get a complete estimation on the project, or email us at

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