Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra-thin Moon Phase Master - Simple and Elegant

Posted by lifata on December 5th, 2022

Simplicity, elegance, and practicality may be the reasons why this watch has been unabated and still highly regarded since it was launched in 2011. Let’s talk about it today.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ultra-thin moon phase master uses a diameter of 39 mm, which is the golden size of a formal watch. As a flagship ultra-thin watch, 39mm fully demonstrates its exquisiteness. Since it is called "ultra-thin master", this watch must be made thinner.

From the perspective of visual effects, the side of the case has been narrowed to a certain extent to make it look slimmer. From the parameter point of view, 9.3 mm is really not thick, and the overall control is within 10 mm, which is the watershed between "thick" and "thin", and it is better controlled among many complex (moon phase) function Swiss Fake Watches.

To achieve such a thickness, it is inseparable from the movement: Cal.925/1 is based on the classic three-needle movement Cal.899 of Jaeger-LeCoultre fake. On this basis, a moon phase calendar module is added, but it can still maintain a thickness of 4.9mm. It is considered outstanding among similar movements. The Cal.925/1 movement is a cardless structure with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. It is equipped with a KIF shock absorber and powered by a single barrel. In terms of details, the movement uses multiple blue steel screws, and the splint is decorated with Geneva patterns and pearl patterns.

The Cal.925/1 movement has undergone many upgrades and adjustments. Although the model name has not changed, there are differences in the material, appearance and performance of different versions. The early model Cal.925/1 has a power reserve of only 42 hours, and uses a steel automatic rotor polished with Geneva patterns, and is marked with Jaeger-LeCoultre's 1000-hour test words with gold filling. The version produced after 2017 upgrades the automatic rotor to 18K gold material, removes the text label, and changes it to a hollowed-out brand LOGO shape. Since no adjustments have been made to the parameter performance, the Cal.925/1 movement during this period can be regarded as a "transitional model". Until 2020, the brand will increase the dynamic storage of the movement to 70 hours. This upgrade is very important, marking that the watch is upgraded to a "weekend watch", that is to say, if you don't wear it on weekends, it will not stop if you wear it on Monday.

There are currently three types of Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin moon phase masters on the market. The following will teach you how to distinguish them and avoid buying old models. First of all, the difference between the 2011 model and the 2017 model lies in the automatic rotor style of the movement; the 2017 model and the 2020 model can be distinguished by looking at the dial. We mainly look at the brand logo on the dial. It is flat printing. These three versions are currently in circulation in the market, and you must pay attention to distinguishing them when you buy them.

Let’s talk about the dial. Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watches Store cleverly combines the calendar and moon phase functions. The calendar surrounded by the outer ring is slightly recessed downwards, forming a sense of hierarchy. Even-numbered dates are separated by dots for easy reading.

The yin and yang taupe needle is a feature of the Jaeger-LeCoultre master series. Different shades of light and shadow divide the pointer into two, with distinct layers. The second hand adopts blue steel pointer, and the scale triangle hour markers are all rhodium-plated.

Since Jaeger-LeCoultre’s ultra-thin moon phase master came out in 2011, no major adjustments have been made to the exterior design, and the main upgrade is only in the movement. The latest model only modifies the details such as the metal time scale on the dial, which shows the classic and success of the watch from the side. With the upgrade of the movement, the price of the product has also been adjusted. At present, the price of the new model (Q1368430) equipped with a 70-hour dynamic storage movement has increased slightly compared with the last price of the previous generation (Q1368420) before it was discontinued. Comprehensive watch design, movement performance, recognition and many other aspects, the new ultra-thin moon phase master after the price increase is still a worthy choice among products of the same level.

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