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Facing Water Leaks? Get French Drain Waterproofing Done Today

Posted by paporidesouza on June 21st, 2016

When you get your house built, foundation is the first thing to be laid. This requires a big hole to be dug out, with a large portion of the soil (called “hard pan”) being removed. Once the footers, foundation walls and concrete walls have been constructed, the same soil (now called the “soft pan”) is used to backfill the basement. It is important to note that before the “hard pan” soil had been removed, it was there for a large number of years, and was naturally compact. But once it has been removed, the “soft pan” soil can easily allow moisture to flow under and around the foundation, creating a false water table. This allows water to fill up around the basement causing water leaks, with the masonry failing gradually. The hydrostatic pressure causes the soil to settle, causing voids under the footers.

This is a situation that needs to be addressed immediately, and if you notice cracks in your basement you have just the signal to call waterproofing agents to your house. Waterproofing professionals use one of two ways to waterproof a property. One way to go about is from the outside, by sealing the exterior walls below ground level through a membrane or coating. To do this, there is another digging project that must be undertaken. This is because an effective waterproofing will require the entire wall down to below the floor will need to be sealed from the outside.

The other, more common way to waterproof a house is from the inside, by using a French Drain. The French Drain is also called a hydrostatic pressure relief system, and is the cleaner, more affordable way of waterproofing a house. To go about French Drain waterproofing, there are series of steps that waterproofing professionals must cover. It all starts with digging a trench just past the footer to hold a 4 inch perforated pipe, after which the trench is lined with silt fabric. Upon this, weep holes (to drain water from block walls) are installed. A Mira drain is installed throughout the new drain, which leads them to the installation of the pipe with the help of silt sock. The trench is then covering with a ¾” clean stone all along the drain to the footing. A clean out drain pipe is then installed to unclog any future blockages. Finally, it is all covered with sand mix after which a sump well is dug to install a sump well liner with lid.

All this will divert water away from your house, discarding any possibility of water leaks troubling you again. So, contact waterproofing experts to take a look at the water leak at the earliest, as you order a French Drain waterproofing online.

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