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Posted by HolmanRV on June 21st, 2016

Most of you will agree that traveling is such a pain. You would love to travel with the comforts of your home. If you fancy a vehicle that can take you from one place to another while you have all the luxuries and home like experience then your wait is over! These recreational vehicles are increasingly getting popular among the masses, especially those who are holiday freaks.  
There are different types of recreational vehicles such as pop up, truck camper, Class A, Class B and Class C. Recreational vehicles were introduced in the US in the early 1930’s. They have come a long way. Earlier these vehicles just had an area for cooking, food and sleeping. But now they are equipped with all the modern-age facilities. You can do the following things-
1.    Watch Movies
2.    Use modern bathrooms
3.    Have proper kitchens
4.    Complete Bedrooms etc.  
With the passage of time and advancement of technology, park models have started gaining a foothold in the market. Even if the luxuries of retreat vehicles are insufficient for you, then consider investing in park models.  
Retreat Park Models and their Benefits  
Retreat park models provide you with all the luxury you wish for and add value to the living. If you are planning to take a vacation that does not require great preparations, packing, and planning, retreat park models are the best match you can ever have. These are also known as the vacation homes.  
The top benefits of Retreat Park Models
1.Good for Camping: If camping is your style of fun and rejuvenation then retreat park models are the best companion for you. These vehicles save you from the hassles of putting up tents and hunting other temporary retreats.
2.These are Economical: Whether you are married or single, professional or student, vacations make up the perfect mantra to unwind and give a break to the monotonous lifestyle. As more and more people plan for vacations, the lodging and traveling expenses are skyrocketing like anything. In such a scenario, retreat park models constitute an in incredible option.  
3.Home away from Home Experience: This is perhaps the best part of the retreat models. These are built in residential styles with interior features such as carpeted flooring and textured side walls and ceilings. You can take delight in the comforts of a cabin as well.  
4.Excellent Floor Plans: Retreat park models have a variety of floor plans. They are generally designed keeping in mind the long-term occupancy.  
Features at a glance
1.Master Bedroom  
2.Large Bathroom  
3.Full Kitchen  
4.Living room Area  
A retreat park model is bigger than what you could imagine in terms of luxury and comforts. Even the appliances and fixtures are tailored to complement the residential look and feel of the interiors.

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