What is Wheel Alignment? Subtleties of repair

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Wheel alignment is the procedure for adjusting the angles of the wheels of the car. The operation of the auto suspension takes the wrong position, deviating from the desired angle. In this case, the car may pull to the side while driving. This becomes especially noticeable and dangerous on wet roads. Camber and toe are wheel geometry parameters that allow you to see at what angle the wheels are set to each other and at what angle they are set to the road plane. So, if you will face any issues with your car wheel, contact Wheel Alignment service in Caroline Springs.

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When to do wheel alignment

Camber adjustment, according to experts, should be done once every 6 months. An unscheduled inspection after changing seasonal tires is recommended. Another reason to check camber is extreme suspension loads. For example, if you were driving on a bad road, and flew into a whole, damaged disk. Before checking the toe angle and their installation, it is also important to diagnose the entire chassis.

The presence of any defect on the suspension will cause a change in the geometric parameters of the wheel installation. Even if you are well versed in wheel alignment, in theory, you need to periodically contact the service station. The car is driven to the stand, where the master can see all the elements of the running gear and control the pressure on the wheels.

Even in the off-season, you need to do wheel alignment if:

  • Some parts of the suspension have been replaced. This applies to tie rods, and shock absorbers.
  • It became noticeable that the tires wear unevenly. Most of the load constantly falls on one side.
  • There was a collision with a curb, getting into a hole, and an accident.
  • Almost constantly you have to drive on a road with a bad road surface and this has led to the fact that there are problems with the car's handling.
  • The steering wheel began to spin "tight", even during a straight line, the car starts to go to the side.
  • There was a "squeal" of the wheels when cornering, more often it occurs when driving at low speed. The sound appears because the tread has an insufficient grip on the roadway.

It is also important to know what wheel alignment affects after a correctly performed procedure:


  • The car becomes stable. It easily maneuvers on the track with different surfaces, increasing the level of safety for the driver and passengers
  • Increased ease of management
  • Eliminate car drifts
  • Tires don't wear out as often
  • Extends the life of all suspension components
  • Significantly reduced fuel consumption

Camber-toe adjustment is needed most often after an accident, suspension repair, or a trip on very bad roads. It is also advisable to check the corners after the car has been "changed shoes".

Conclusion :

So, this service is very essential for the long lifespan of the car. Therefore, are you searching for the best car service that provides Car lights and electrical work in Caroline Springs? Contact Advance Tech Plus

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