Be Careful of Fakes When You Buy Rare Gold Coins Online

Posted by martinsam234 on June 21st, 2016

Transactions with the best online coin dealers in Minnesota can go terribly wrong if you end up being tricked into buying counterfeit coins. It is very important to only rely on experienced and reputed coin dealers when you go on a coin collecting spree. And for added precaution, keep these points in mind while you buy rare gold coins online because if you are not familiar with ways of telling a real gold coin from a fake, then you could end up suffering terrible losses.

Remember to check the weight of the coins that you plan to buy.
In order to ensure that the coins are real, you should be aware of the ideal weight of those. A 22K gold coin usually weighs around 33.93 grams. However, when it comes to an ounce of 24K gold, the weight drops to 31.1 grams. When accepting your coins delivery, you should be ready with a pair of portable scales that are meant for confirming the authenticity of coins.

One very important fact to remember is that confirming the weights is not the ultimate test to confirm the coin’s authenticity. So, it is necessary to be prepared for other tests also and not just rely only on one weighing method.

Closely inspect the thickness as well as the diameter of the coin.
Authentic coins have a fixed thickness and diameter standard. The tool you can use here is a caliper which would be immensely helpful in sorting out the real from the fakes.

You could also invest in a fake gold coin detector.
It is an instrument that has a system of inspecting all kinds of possible ways in which counterfeit coins in varying dimensions can be checked for their authenticity. It usually includes about three tests for confirming the accuracy of a coin.

Carry a rare earth magnet with you.
A rare earth magnet is extremely powerful when it comes to attracting even the slightest amounts of magnetic metals. So, if the coin is not pure as it claims to be, it would certainly and very easily get picked up by the powerful magnetic attraction.

If available, use a precious metals assay machine.
Though very expensive, a machine such as this one can be a life saver when you are trying to steer clear of unwanted metal content in your coins. It is also considered as one of the most effective means of detecting flaws in the purity of collectible gold coins.

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