Top 5 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Posted by eliasmarc on December 7th, 2022

To reduce belly fat, one needs to follow a well-planned routine. They are many tips that can help one reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region

1. Getting Enough Sleep
Sleep affects colorful aspects of one’s health, including belly fat accumulation. It’s a proven fact that people who don’t sleep enough tend to gain further weight.

Sleep deprivation leads to an increase in ghrelin levels and a lowering of the leptin levels in the body, which is responsible for making you empty.
Lack of sleep is responsible for metabolic and endocrine differences, along with a reduction in glucose tolerance. When you’re exhausted, your brain’s reward centers arouse up, looking for something to feel good about.

So while you're suitable to keep a check on your comfort food craving when you're well-rested, sleep deprivation may make you unfit to resist temptations. This can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body and lead to weight gain.
A minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep every night is a must to keep one’s fat gain under control. The quality of sleep is as essential as the total duration of your bedtime. Read more about the connection between improper sleep and weight gain then.

2. Drink Enough Water
There's a positive correlation between water consumption and reduce belly weight. Studies show that water helps the body metabolize stored fat efficiently.

Drinking water throughout the day gives you a feeling of being full and helps keep your appetite at bay. occasionally, our body mistakes thirst for hunger, so it’s always advisable to have some water before grabbing a snack to check on what your body is demanding.

Water is the best ‘ beverage ’ to quench your thirst. Any juice or carbonated drink contains sugar that increases your calorie input so it’s best to choose water over anything different.

A glass or two of warm water in the morning can help you in losing weight and belly fat and cleanse your system.

3. Workout Regularly
Exercising daily is proven to have helped with body-weight management. While that stands undisputed, there are colorful arguments about the intensity of daily exercise routine.

However, your workout plans should be directly commensurable to gender, age, and BMI.
It's ideal to consult a particular fitness trainer before getting started on high-intensity resistance training.

4. Track Your Calories
Extra calories in any form get stored in the body as fat. It's ideal to keep track of the number of calories being consumed and burnt daily. This can help avoid fat accumulation in the body.

Calorie Deficit is a great way to burn calories. A 500 cal deficit can lead to a weight loss of 0.4 kg or 1 lb in a week. You can use the calorie tracker available on the HealthifyMe app for the same.

5. Never Skip Breakfast
Breakfast is hailed as the most important meal, as it provides the essential energy levels to begin your day. Skipping breakfast messes with your metabolism, decelerating the fat-burning process.

Additionally, on days you skip breakfast, you're more likely to make poor food choices throughout the day. Eating a healthy breakfast during the day helps reduce cravings and prevents excessive hunger throughout the day. Remember to make your breakfast wholesome and healthy by including natural foods such as eggs, oats, fruits, and nuts.

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