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Posted by Alex Coleman on December 9th, 2022

When every option seems to be impossible then a car scrap yard gives you hope! The time your car breaks down at the middle of the road, car yards are the most efficient option to go with. As private selling, dealer  or repairing may take a long time but a scrap car yard never takes too long in such situations. There comes a time in life when you realise your car isn’t worth repairing because you cannot force a vehicle to run at overage, and it’s considered a burden to you. In our 15+ years of car wreckers business we have analysed mostly people who come with the same concern. 

We are scrapcarsremovalsydney working in this industry for long and collect thousands of cars at our car scrap yard every year. By collecting a car we don’t let the car owner’s hand empty, we pay cash up to ,000 and free car pickup for any type of car. To know more about us you can reach us – 0434649163.

Where To Find A Car Scrap Yard Near Me?

If you reside in Sydney, NSW then it’s not a big deal to find Car Scrap Yard. Though, by simply searching “car scrap yard near me” you can find top listed scrap yards. One of them is our scrap car yard. We are a leading junk car buyer company that pays cash for cars sydney-wide. Finding scrap yards in Sydney shouldn’t be considered a difficult task however, finding an ideal scrapyard can be one.  As we don’t have any requirement from customer neither extra fees nor are we influenced towards any particular brand, model!

The Process Of Selling Car Scrap Yard Sydney

To sell your car here at scrapcarsremovalsydney you need to follow these simple three steps and within a same-day your car will take place at our car scrap yards. So here are these- 

Fill Quote

Fill up the online Quote Form that is available on our site 24 hours, with your vehicle’s basic details it will provide you free car valuation in a matter of minutes!

Earn Cash

Our team makes an offer and once you accept it, the car removal team will come along with a tow truck, paper of sale, and provide instant cash in hand!

Get Car Removal

After handing you the payment, our team will bring your car to our car scrap yard and will close the deal!

How Much Can I Get At Car Scrap Yard?

Evaluating the car values randomly will definitely not be a good idea and that’s why every car buying company requires your vehicle’s make, model, year, and condition so they can give you a proper estimate of your cars. In our car scrap yard, car owner’s find the easiest way to evaluate the car valuation as we have a Free Car Valuation Online Tool that gives you a fair idea of a car’s market prices in the vehicle’s current state. At most the valuation takes around a minute to evaluate the car, on the basis of the car’s value, our team makes a quick offer that goes up to ,000 with extra benefits.

Scrap Car Yard Have Right Solution For Environment-friendly Car Disposal

Our car wreckers at scrap car yards are efficiently handling the car removal process in an environmentally-friendly manner. We ensure the car disposal process must be done in a sustainable and ethical way. Our systematic steps that we follow once your vehicle takes place at our car scrap yard. 

The steps we follow environment-friendly post-car removal include- 

Draining The Fluids

The first step we follow for eco-friendly disposal is to drain the fluids. As your vehicle may contain the remaining fluids inside the components which is harmful for the planet. Our car disposal team ensures that all processes should be completed at the scrapyard. 

Dismantle & Recycling Auto Parts

Another step, we dismantle all auto parts such as tires, doors, windows,  battery, electric components, and etc. We dismantle these parts in a responsible way. On the other hand, the car recycling is a bit more complicated process which is completed by our expert technician team as the car recycling includes the hazardous toxins such as to make dead/damaged car batteries to make a new one, and other components like tyres, seats and make them reusable.

Vehicle Crushing

At last when the vehicle is dismantled, the fluids are drained out. We crush the vehicle, this part helps us to take out the steel out of the crushed vehicle.

We Buy Bring All Cars At Our Scrapyard- Any Make, Model, Condition!

We don’t waste time waiting for our favourite brands’ car removal deal. Instead we accept all makes, models, brands, year, and condition vehicles. When all the brands and models will take place at the same scrap yard, why should we have to decide which brands to buy? Well, it’s good news for many of you that we buy any type of vehicle from the doorstep. We have a qualified and skilled team that is capable of handling vehicles in any condition from anywhere in Sydney. Also, scrapcarsremovalsydney have multiple service which is specifically designed for various condition vehicle such as-


  • Junk car removal

  • Damaged car removal

  • Cash for cars

  • Sell my car Sydney

  • Non-running cars

  • Car recycling Sydney

  • Auto wreckers

  • Free car removal  etc. 


Whether your car has been rusted over decades or you just want to sell it still, we are the ideal car scrap yard available that pays a reasonable amount for your cars up to ,000.

Don't Hesitate To Reach Us!

Once you already make up your mind to remove cars then we would appreciate it. Through our process you must realise car removal is the wise decision to make. So while looking for a car junk yard don’t hesitate to reach us!

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