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Posted by Alex Coleman on December 9th, 2022


Australia recycles millions of cars every year, and the car recycling process is completed by auto recyclers or wreckers. From past years, the world has been facing pollution issues including air, land, water etc. And all these result in severe matters. Believe it or not, the auto recyclers are contributing the most to save earth and take care of the planet from such harmful effects. 

Not many of us are still not aware that cars are made of steel which can be recycled through the systematic process. Generally, car recyclers process helps to reduce landfills. Recyclers like scrapcarsremovalsydney working in the industry from past 15 years and reuse, remove, recycle thousands of car per year. Though, we appreciate people for the wise decision of car recycling Sydney by paying top cash for cars that’s up to ,000 along with complementary services.


In favour of saving earth from the pollution and hazardous effects, car recycling is the small step to take. Your car probably does not burden you by standing in your garage or yard however it may burden the surroundings. A car standing at the one place without any movement can cover rust over and become hazardous. 

The purpose of eco-friendly car recycling is to use the reusable parts such as steel and other components for some other goods. Recycling used steel results in less water, air pollution and less mining waste. Also while recycling cars in a proper way dispose of harmful material from the cars including oil, brake fluid, air conditioning, and coolant etc.  These are most harmful for the environment and human health.

At scrapcarsremovalsydney’s car recycling service, our team takes care of everything that’s safe for the surrounding people and environment too.


Getting car recycling Sydney service isn’t only helping the environment but also it can be beneficial for you as well. In general, the components of a vehicle can be useful for some other goods. Here we have mentioned the major benefits of car parts recycling & Auto recycling –

CAR Recycling- Green Solution

Car is made of steels, and other expensive components such as transmission, catalytic converter, and engine etc. Car recycling has the least negative effects on the environment. And scrapcarsremovalsydney is proud to say their each service including car recycling is entirely environment-friendly. Our team of car recyclers handle the entire process in a systematic green process, as we have a team of skilful people and have all required equipment for the Scrap car recycling.

Get Instant Cash ,000

When your car faces rejection from everywhere then reaches to car recyclers or wreckers, they will never disappoint you. In the car recycling Sydney industry, people are doing jobs & business for you, like we are in the industry to perform our duties to buy old, junk, damaged, used, or unwanted cars for cash. We pay dollars up to ,000 for a vehicle in any condition. Moreover, the whole process is completed by us, so there isn’t any hassle while getting the best deal at our car recycling service. 

Best Way To Get Rid Of Cars

At scrapcarsremovalsydney you will be able to get rid of your cars without stepping out of your door.  Because, our services covered up all the convenience and comfort of customers. So instead of asking you to bring a car, we come to your doorstep and remove the vehicle in a matter of minutes. After buying a car, we begin our car recycling process that takes place at our car recycling yard.

Simple & Fast

We believe in simplicity and that’s the reason we keep our process simple and easy. Though, with years of experience in the automotive industry we assure to make customers satisfied with our work. 

Being a customer for car recycling, you will find the fastest car recycling process here but it doesn’t mean while rushing to complete the process, we don’t take care of other things. 

We have processes including pre-removal, post-removal and at pre-removal customer participation is required however at post car removal process our team completely follows the process of recycling, dismantle,  draining etc. With a keen concentration and focused mind.


No matter where you live, at first you have to analyse what exactly your car is worth. You can get the estimate of your car based on several sites that provide free car valuation tools.  The Average price for cars can vary based on its makes, model, condition or manufacturer’s years also. For example, your car is worth more when it contains more expensive parts in working condition. However, scrapcarsremovalsydney fair estimate through online Free Car Valuation tool and our offer is up to ,000 for any make, model, manufacturer year, and condition vehicle recycling. So get the car recycling today with us. 


In search of “scrap car recycling near me” you will get multiple options available at Sydney on the internet, however the process can be different such as-

To Get Our Car Recycling Service (Pre-Car Removal)

Three steps make process easy and simple to deal with such as-

Fill Quote

Provide us with the vehicle’s details through our Online Quote Form.

Get cash

within a minute our team will offer you quick cash.

Car removal

The removal team will come to your location for free car towing within hours.

Post-Car Removal

The car recycling process includes simple steps-

-Drain Pollutants

-Remove, dismantle usable parts


These are the three steps we majorly follow throughout the auto recycling process.


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