How to Curb Alcohol Incidents and Violence

Posted by Alliedrisk91 on June 22nd, 2016

We can often read in the newspapers or watch in televisions about the never ending alcohol incidents which take place in clubs, bars, hotels etc. The parties indulged in violence often end up in hospital in critical condition. For this reason, the clubs, bars and restaurant owners need to seriously think about ways to make their place safe and significantly reduce the alcohol incidents.

To gain maximum customers, clubs and bar owners often refuse to do anything to curb the alcohol related incidents or violence. They do not want to lose their precious clients and are so ready to compromise on their safety. But now, with the ever increasing number of alcohol fuelled violence and incidents, the government of different countries, including Australia, have been reviewing the safety measures and planning the ways to significantly reduce the incidents.

The Ever Increasing Vibrant Nightlife

According to various reports, drinking alcohol is an Australian pastime and is in an integral part of the social landscape which signifies the modern Australian social norms and practices. The city of Melbourne has always enjoyed a reputation to provide a vibrant nightlife, which has resulted in the constant increase in the number of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other entertainment venues. This is actually a result of a trend towards the liberalization of liquor licensing.

But the never ending expansion of nightlife entertainment has increased the alcohol incidents which are largely characterized by public disorder and violence. When it comes to the harms associated with alcohol, it is actually global in nature. According to a World Health Organization report, alcohol is basically responsible for approximately 4 to 5 percent of all disability adjusted life years and health lost due to disability or premature death.

In Australia, alcohol related crime results in significant damage to the properties, costing in billions every year. Even though all the violent incidents which occur cannot be solely blamed on alcohol, still according to various studies, approximately 50 percent of the people who indulge in violent behavior do it in intoxicated condition.

To prevent such incidences and alcohol violence, the need of the hour is devising a program or management tool that can significantly reduce the alcohol related incidents through a proven system of incident management. The clubs, bars and restaurants need to be more responsive and take measures to lower their place’s exposure to violent venue risk through ensure viable compliance. They can effectively save time and minimize the operational costs using high-end online reporting tools.

They simply need to explore the internet and search for a credible risk management company that can work with them to devise the best management tools and system to significant curb alcohol related violence and incidents!

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