Why is it necessary to have your teeth professionally cleaned?

Posted by Jessica Williams on December 10th, 2022

One of the most crucial elements of maintaining good oral health is getting a thorough tooth cleaning from a general dentist. There is a widespread misperception that practising excellent dental hygiene at home is sufficient to maintain oral health. Regular trips to a general dentist and dental implants are required.

The value of having your teeth professionally cleaned

Here are a few justifications for why regular professional dental cleanings and dental implants are crucial.

Proper teeth

Routine dental cleanings are required to keep the teeth in good condition. A general dentist's teeth cleaning guarantees that difficult-to-reach places and long-term plaque buildup are handled professionally, confidently, and effectively. The teeth benefit immensely from at-home oral care, but plaque and tartar can still form and are best removed by a general dentist during teeth cleaning. Plaque and tartar seriously increase the risk of tooth decay, abscesses, and even tooth loss.

 Suitable gums

The gums depend on how clean the teeth are, just like the teeth do. Regular dental cleanings from a general dentist increase the likelihood that the gums will continue to be healthy. Again, good oral hygiene at home can keep the gums in good condition, but any plaque and tartar buildup that is not removed can seriously endanger the gums. Although plaque and tartar can harm the teeth, they can also harm the gums and cause an infection, which can result in periodontal disease.

Every six months, people should have their teeth professionally cleaned to maintain healthy gums that are pink and strong. The general dentist can do teeth cleanings more frequently if the gums don't seem to be in good health, which will help promote healthy gum health.

Stain avoidance

 The teeth may get significantly discoloured over time, necessitating teeth whitening or other methods of treatment. But one can prevent this by having their teeth cleaned at least once every six months, if not more frequently. A general dentist's teeth cleaning makes sure that any buildup is promptly eliminated, reducing the chance that long-term discolouration may occur.


The teeth, which can frequently weaken with time, are also helped to remineralize by professional teeth cleaning by a general dentist. Immediately following a teeth cleaning, general dentists will apply fluoride to help strengthen the enamel and keep the teeth strong and healthy.

Find out more about dental cleanings done by professionals.

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