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Posted by smotij on June 22nd, 2016

Middle Eastern pastries are recognized as a national dessert for many Arabic and Middle Eastern countries. In this sense, people love to taste these cookies from its variety of products that include baklava, Ma’amoul and barazek. Kids enjoy tasting all these pastries throughout the day and consumed as many as possible.

Baklava- Middle Eastern pastries:

It is rich in the sweet and delicious taste of honey or syrup which is filled in different layers with chopped nuts and other ingredients like almonds. The history has shown its importance in former Ottoman Empire.


These are one of the loving and delicious Mediterranean pastries not only for children, but elders actively participate in tasting. This comes in small sized shortbread shape, balls or flattened to purchase as per your need. You can also decorate the pastries by hand to offer a quality presentation to your guests at any time. Ma’amoul can be filled with dates, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and other special items.


Barazek is one of the loving Middle Eastern pastries that make children to fight for. It is often found that households use to keep this at home for year round celebrations.

Today, it is not hard to buy any of these products. People are also getting the facility to buy sweets and pastries right from the home through the internet on This becomes a traditional habit to keep all these above Mediterranean pastries at home. It is true that the love for pastries has made possible to manufacture different varieties with several flavors.

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