How Does ERP Software Benefit Schools, Teachers, Students, & Parents?

Posted by LEAD on December 15th, 2022

The concept of enterprise resource planning or ERP software for the learning industry has been making a buzz among schools and universities for quite some time now. It has become an essential solution in the era of big data.

Do you know why the education sector is fully dependent upon ERP software? Every year, the education sector analyses and collects tons of data about students, teachers, alumni, staff, courses, lesson plans, fees, assets, and so on. Also, ERP software for schools assists the administration in analysing the recorded data and making information-driven decisions.

According to research, “The international market for School ERP, estimated at US8.6 Million in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US5.2 Million by 2027.” This estimation is enough to explain the demand for ERP software for schools in the coming few years.

School ERP software makes your school management easier, which is possible through the features this software offers. Some of these features are:

·         Powerful scheduling tool

·         Multiple billing and invoicing facilities

·         User-friendly interface

·         Integrated web portal

·         Automated attendance management

·         Responsive mobile apps

·         Data import and export provision

·         Email, SMS, and other alert mechanisms

·         Accessible course material

Benefits of ERP Software for Teachers, Students, and Parents

ERP software for school management is the best solution as it can bring students, parents, and teachers on the same page with some smart features. The following are ways in which smart schools can leverage the potential of ERP software:

For Students - A school ERP system streamlines the education process for a student. It organises and analyses their study in the best way and lets students connect with different teachers for doubt-solving sessions.

Students can get answers to their questions before the next day. They can take lectures from anywhere at any time.

For Parents – Does anyone know why parents are now freely going to their job and not visiting the school to ask for their kid's progress reports? The answer is smart schools with ERP software. They can get daily updates about their progress report, their kids' learning levels, and exam results.

They can also maintain valuable communication with every subject teacher to stay updated about their ward’s curricular or co-curricular progress.

For Teachers - ERP software for schools helps minimise the burden or price of managerial tasks on teachers, which leaves them with plenty of time to focus on the kids' learning needs.

With this software, teachers can successfully communicate with individual students or the whole class. It also allows you to update report cards, upload assignments, and more. Also, they can give lectures in any geographical location.

Benefits of Using ERP Software for Your School

·         Improved efficiency - ERP software can help you automate tasks such as scheduling, grading, fee management, etc.

·         Better decision-making - With ERP software, you will have access to all the data required to make informed decisions. This information can be used to improve your school’s whole performance.

·         Better communication - ERP software will allow you to send information to the right people easily. It can also help improve collaboration and communication between students, parents, and teachers.

·         Improved learning outcomes - You can track each student’s progress and take corrective measures whenever needed.

·         Save Money - One of the biggest advantages of having ERP software for your school is that it can also help reduce the need for paper records, saving your school money on storage and printing costs.

There are several benefits of having ERP software for schools. The most significant advantage is that it can help to develop communication between different departments within the school. This can lead to better efficiency and good use of resources.

So, if you are looking for ways to save money and improve your school’s performance, then ERP software may be a good option.

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