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Posted by oshaprosusa on December 15th, 2022

It is common enough to learn about the properties of hydrogen sulfide gas in chemistry glass. Bookish knowledge does not prepare one for real-life dangers. True, one gets to know of the risks of inhaling the gas while dealing with essential tasks at the work area that is not a well-furnished office. The sites that pose a risk of such deadly gas emitting suddenly are required to have their workers undergo an H2S course online.

It is interesting to note that hydrogen sulfide gas occurs naturally in oil wells and hot springs. The gas is extremely poisonous and is a life threat for workers at close range. The following people working in risk-prone industries have to be aware of the hazards and learn the necessities to keep themselves fully protected:-

· Petroleum oils

· Construction sites

· Sewage Treatment plants

· Manufacturing plants that utilize a host of toxic raw materials

· Workers engaged in drilling wells

· Tunnel workers

· Miners

Health issues after H2S exposure

The symptoms noticed may not be identical for all individuals who had been exposed to the gas. While the symptoms vary, the risk remains great regardless of the extent of inhalation. Some of the signs that are apparent once the workers escape from the area include:-

· Nausea & vomiting

· Headache

· Coughing spells

· Throat irritation

· Irritability

· Loss of smell

· Breathing trouble

· Drowsiness

· Convulsion

· Unconsciousness

A person exposed to copious amounts of H2S may also be dead within hours. Such consequences make the training necessary, with all concerned workers being advised to undergo the training and get the required certification.

The offline training included both practical knowledge and hands-on training. Hands-on experience is provided through videos and displays of testing processes so that the at-risk workers can safeguard themselves.

Objectives of the training

· Identifying the presence of the gas via its physical properties

· Understanding the health hazards of being exposed to the gas

· Evaluation of the risks

· Usage of control measures

· Learning how to evaluate the efficacy of the measures

· Assuming the possible locations of H2S within the working site

· Control of the hazard(s)

· Protecting self and fellow workers by preventing inhalation of the poisonous gas

· Operation of a self-contained breathing apparatus

· The practice of rescue operations and mastering the dragging technique during emergencies

· Strategize initial response

· Performing basic rescue operation

The trainee does not need to study carefully by concentrating on the words. Instead, the online training is done via narration, with the trainee listening carefully and watching the associated videos intently.

There are no prerequisites or eligibility for taking the training and test apart from basic knowledge and understanding of English. The course takes about 120 minutes, with the students being eligible to print their certificates after completing the test.

It is equally essential for workers and supervisors forced to remain within narrow and confined areas to take the confined space competent person training as per the OSHA requirement.

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