Managed IT Services: Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks for Businesses

Posted by Gale Freeman on December 16th, 2022

Security has become a major concern in the online world. According to recent reports, cyberattacks occur roughly every 40 seconds at this point, and they're responsible for about trillion in damages. That figure reflects a significant annual uptick. It seems for every new security measure that comes into play, wrongdoers find multiple ways to get around it. They're on a constant mission to overcome the hurdles designed to keep them in check. As such, cybersecurity is growing ever more vital.

Keeping Security Issues at Bay

Many businesses are aware of the need for increased cybersecurity measures. They're not quite sure of how to implement those precautions, though. It can certainly be an overwhelming feat considering the complexity of this field. Companies can turn to Managed IT Services to make matters not only simpler but far more effective. Of course, companies often face internal security risks they're not even aware of. Take a look at some of the most common threats.

Human Error

Human error is the gateway to countless security issues. People often use insecure passwords and run business operations from their personal computers. At the same time, many people naively leave sensitive information displayed on their devices and walk away, leaving all that data open to theft and fraud. In light of those problems, even the most extensive efforts in Network security Tampa could be rendered useless.

Outdated Systems

Anyone who's had even minimal interactions with technology is aware of the importance of updates. Some systems and applications update automatically whereas others require outside intervention. Many businesses fail to keep up with necessary updates, ultimately leaving themselves vulnerable to attacks. Companies that provide network cybersecurity Tampa FL ensure businesses' systems remain up to date. As such, they help keep security at optimal levels.


Businesses now have countless ways to customize systems and applications to meet their specific needs. Virtually any operations they need can be programmed into systems and applications. Unfortunately, those customizations can interfere with security. IT risk management Tampa FL covers the potential gaps in security brought about by tailoring technology.

Protecting Today's Businesses and Their Clients

Technology has opened numerous doors for today's businesses. It has also left them open to a growing number of security threats. Thankfully, companies don't have to live with those hazards. Numerous measures can be taken to keep them at bay while still allowing companies to take full advantage of the technological innovations available to them. Managed IT service providers can help provide the protection businesses need for themselves as well as their clients.

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