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Posted by accolac99 on June 23rd, 2016

Hello, Deadman Mode fans! Are you looking forward to seeing the final hour of Deadman Invitational? On June 20, 2016, the Deadman Invitation II became available for the top 2,000 Deadmen in Deadman Seasonal worlds to log into world 317 and start building up their account. You must know that the tournament means 2,000 Deadmen go in and 1 winner comes out. So you should buy cheap Seasonal Deadman gold to boost your account if you have been invited to the final tournament. However, if you have failed in this season, you can join in Deadman Season 2 as the Deadman Invitation II ends. RSorder will offer cheap deadman mode season 2 gold for the first time when this season begins.

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Deadman Invitation II is more exciting and intense competition.

The second Deadman Invitational is set to take place on 25th June. From June 20 to 6:30pm BST on Saturday 25th June, the top 2,000 of you can train your account on the invitational world. Then the final hour will last from 6:30pm BST to 7:30pm BST 25th June.
When the tournament begins, fog will begin to descend on the world killing players in its path. Therefore, you will be forced into a small area to fight with others until the last Deadman alive at the end. Then the Deadman Invitation 2 will come to an end.

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The reward of Deadman tournament is appealing and exciting. Most of the top 2,000 players are eager for it. Therefore, if you are one of the top 2,000 players, it is necessary for you to use the limited time to improve your account for the final hour.
You can visit RSorder to purchase Deadman Seasonal gold for sale to help you. Currently, use code “OSRSDM” to get 6% off when you buy DMM Seasonal gold cheap on RSorder. Also, you will feel satisfied with the service on RSorder, such as 10 minutes delivery, professional online supporter, easy payment methods and 100% security, etc.

Definitely, it is not easy to win ,000. You’d better seize the last few days to make yourself perfect. Buying Seasonal Deadman mode gold from RSorder to assist you in building up your account for the final hour can be a better choice. Good luck!

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