5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Shop For A Winter Swimming Pool Cover

Posted by Liz Seyi on December 16th, 2022

It’s that time of year again, when you are likely to find that the outdoor conditions here in the UK simply do not lend themselves to hospitable swimming. So, if you haven’t done so already, you might have to take the steps now to ‘winterise’ your pool. 

A winter swimming pool cover will be fundamental to your efforts to do that, enabling you to better protect your pool against the elements. But what questions should you be asking as you seek to make the right choice of such cover? 

What size of winter pool cover do I need? 

This might seem a self-explanatory question, and here at Pool Warehouse, we make available both standard sizes and a made-to-measure service. 

Bear in mind, though, that our winter covers are designed to have an overlap of 12” on all sides. So, if – for example – you have a 12ft x 24ft pool, it is a 14ft x 26ft cover that you will need to specify. 

What shape of winter pool cover do I require? 

Swimming pools don’t just come in rectangles, of course, so we strive to ensure our winter pool covers aren’t restricted to that shape, either. 

Less ‘conventional’ swimming pool shapes can be catered for by our made-to-measure service, with options including the likes of kidney, oval, and ‘rectangle + Roman end’-shaped covers. 

What type of winter pool cover would best suit my needs? 

This is a question that will likely necessitate more careful thinking, and you will need to consider the options for fixings, too. 

We offer Superior winter covers, for example, which have straps at 3ft to 4ft spaces, compared to 5ft to 6ft spaces in the case of our Deluxe covers. Standard fixings will be included with the cover you purchase from us, unless you opt for flush fixings, which add 10% to the price of the cover, but can be great for minimising the trip hazard your winter pool cover presents. 

How has the pool cover been designed and manufactured? 

It is important to appreciate that while various online stores out there will certainly offer you a winter swimming pool cover, not all such stores will give you a great-quality product for your money. 

It is worth noting that here at Pool Warehouse, for example, all our winter pool covers – except for the oval and kidney-shaped covers – are designed with full criss cross webbing straps. Some other suppliers may offer these straps, but they might not necessarily be a standard feature of the cover. 

How quickly can the winter pool cover be manufactured and delivered? 

This, of course, might be a particularly crucial question to answer if you have an especially urgent need for a new winter pool cover. 

By navigating to the relevant page of our own website for winter pool covers, you can find what the latest ‘lead time’ is from order to despatch. This factor should be considered, though, alongside those above, as a winter pool cover that arrives quickly will hardly be of much use to you if it fails to meet your practical requirements. 

Are you ready to get shopping for a winter swimming pool cover that will be well-aligned with those requirements, and help give you peace of mind for the months to come? If so, feel free to browse our range, and to choose your favourite, bearing in mind that our winter covers also come with a 10-year pro rata warranty. 

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