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Posted by Liz Seyi on December 16th, 2022

The question of whether the purchase of Sotogrande property represents a good investment is essentially a two-part one: whether property in Sotogrande is a good investment, and whether property in Spain as a whole is.

The great news is that there is plenty of reason to believe we can answer with an emphatic “yes” to both of those questions. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that might make buying a property in Sotogrande an especially wise choice for you from an investment perspective. 

Spanish property prices remain robust – and the prospects for Sotogrande homes remain strong

One of the key factors that many would-be investors in property consider before taking the plunge, is the likelihood of such property increasing in value at a rate that will make their investment feel worthwhile. And on that front, there is reason for hope with regard to both Sotogrande and broader Spain.

The COVID-19 factor has naturally been a big factor shaping Spanish property prices over the last few years; after an extended period of house-price growth in the country over much of the past decade, the onset of the coronavirus crisis brought about a big fall in year-on-year increases in values.

However, with previous travel restrictions designed to control the virus’s spread having long been removed, there has been a strong bounce-back – the second quarter of 2022 seeing an 8% increase in Spanish property prices on a year-on-year basis, according to ING.

And did you know that according to data from the Central Bank of Spain, as of March 2022, the anticipated return on residential real estate in Spain was 10%? This was made up of 3.7% gross rental yield, and 6.3% in capital gains.

Such factors should make it unsurprising that so many people are currently seeking out estate agents in Sotogrande who can assist their search for a desirable home in this sought-after part of Andalucia.

Even amid global uncertainty, buying a home in Sotogrande can make a lot of sense

Putting aside the rest of Spain and considering why Sotogrande itself is rightfully a magnet for property investors, why should you look here rather than in any other area of the country?

Arguably one big factor in that, is the impact the pandemic and the associated rise in remote working have had on people’s wishes from property. Recent data has pointed to an increasing tendency for prospective buyers to seek out homes that have more outside space and light, away from the big cities.

There simply isn’t the same need any more for even significant numbers of working professionals to always centre themselves in a big city – which could help make property in Sotogrande even more attractive for many people. That, in turn, could help drive up purchase and rental prices here over time.

Finally, there is the Sotogrande property market’s historical track record. Even at times of uncertainty for the global economy, such as the late 2000s economic crisis and the 2020-21 coronavirus pandemic, the prices of properties in Sotogrande have remained robust.

Homes here don’t seem to be subject to the heavier ups and downs that often affect other property markets. And given how desirable Sotogrande is on account of its wealth of sporting and leisure amenities and activities, as well as its fabulous weather and picturesque scenery, that can be no surprise.

It couldn’t be easier or quicker to get searching for Sotogrande property

You will likely be reassured in your search for a home in this part of the Costa del Sol if you work alongside some of the best estate agents in Sotogrande to undertake that search.

Here at Property Sotogrande, that is very much what our online property portal is all about. We bring together listings from multiple estate agents serving the local area, so that you can rapidly find the most recent and attractive deals for Sotogrande homes via a single website. 

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